Confused and concerned

I'm getting really worried lately I'm 28 married an got two small boys plus I work part time but for the last 5 years I have been suffer with real bad migraines well that's what I think they or I can have them for days or minutes an they go up am down in pain they or the worst. When I get them they only last for a while a the pain is unbearable it feels like my head is gonna explode I even hold my head because I think it is plus if I don't sit down r ly down I will pass out my head feels so heavy as well like a large wait an it's pulling me down an I get really bad neck pain an pins an needles down my arms an in to my hands it's horror an it's getting really bad an ruling my life I don't Wanna leave the house just in case it happens. I have been to the doctors loads a times but all I ever get is different things told to me thats wrong I have had blood test but they all came back normal I have never been sent for a MRI or CT. I just feel that the doctors don't Care an just won't you outa there as so as. They jus keep giving me painkillers an I don't even take them anymore because there not working. I'm just afraid a passing out an never waking up 😔

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  • See an Alexander Teacher. It could be a posture problem. Also it may be worth while seeing a chiropractor. is the web site for information on Alexander teachers. Note Kingston Pain clinic has an Alexander teacher.

    The chiropractor can give you information that could aid further discussion with the GP as what the next step in any investigation is.

    Unfortunately postural problems is not something that the medical profession know much about.

    Hope this helps

  • Have you researched Fibromyalgia it can present in many different ways to people but, quite a bit of what you describe is a classic. The presiding factor is that when bloods are tested all the results show as normal. Talk to your GP about investigating this possibility.  However the pins and needles and severe headache can also be a soft tissue inflammatory problem causing  a nerve or nerves to be pinched (pins and needles in the arms and headache) so a chiropractor may be able to help you. I would probably try this route first.

  • I Agree with your advise ,I was to say just about the same stuff you did !!!

  • If I were you I'd switch to a different Dr!! Find a specialist that is willing to do whatever it takes to figure out why it's happening and how to treat it !! It sounds to me like you have something going on with nerve damage or spine

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