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Appointment request form.... joke!

What a joke.... Been given a referral form to book online my own appointment....

you'd think that it would be straight forward.... far from it.

When logging on with details, it states straight away to ring the appointment telephone line then they say that you have to ring the hospital them selves only to be told a letter will be sent out with a appointment given by them...... and the best of all it's a telephone appointment, I don't get to see the doctor at all...

Why the bother?????????????

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My husband's had this nonsense from Southern Health too. He never ever did get an appointment. A clear example of a broken NHS. And what bothers me most is that we are powerless to change the system. This and other forums exist but all we ever get to do is moan because there's never any action or commitment to improve things!


Another example of NHS inefficiency. My husband made an appointment with the GP surgery for a blood test, was given a date and told he would receive a phonecall about it. No phone call, he rings back to be told he doesn't need a phone call. They ring back to say he needs to rebook the appointment, he does. They say he will receive a letter about the appointment. He receives a letter saying he is due for a blood test and would he ring the surgery to make an appointment! Mad!


It is all designed to frustrate the patient and make them give up! This is why I sought alternative treatment to save my life after the system failed me and I thank the universal energies I did because quite frankly the health service apart from emergency life saving is a total sham - does not understand the health of the whole body and treats each section as independent of the rest of the body - i.e. mucks up one section and hey presto, the whole body is in disarray - talking from experience!!!!!


Choose and Book is not your choice it is another fair access blocker an organized policy to hoodwink an delay. How many could have lived longer I dread to think. This is by letting administrations play with it pretending they are you with a password .If Drs had taken the hippocratic oath they would not have allowed this to happen as well as handing funds over to the LAs allowing no Social Service provision for most

The key is not well calculated funding – poor unreasonable Maths as same happening in all the Public Services including Education . NBNo Midle Manadement Policy [ call centre set up] ]

Trouble is the Dr hasn’t directed the admin to the right specialist showing they are not in charge as contracted in ,as most are now part time with a conflict of interests . Before Thatcher it was the main part of the Doctors job It is not to balance the books of questionable hospitals .Full time specialists ,who were Gods were directing and although less money ethical and could be trusted

The CQC Inspectors must know this , & MPs ,but have not seen a system is in place to address the danger to life this causes ,as what happen next is…. After 6mths wait if you are lucky you are seen by a Registrar or a Clinic run by Nurses and Technicians on remits who cannot diagnose and not allowed to coordinate or raise your issues as given free reign – funding? . The Registrar records your history gets a few things wrong this goes in your inaccurate online medical record they refuse to adjust or discuss Mking it a Summary of Care for when comatose.

It is then sent back to your GP waiting 2 – 6 weeks again and you have to start at square one again after admin and mot GPs blame you sending you back to local specialists on contracts equally incompetent not wanting risk .

If you move house this is especially a problem as computers cannot cope with 2 lots of details .

At each new hospital they repeat unnecessarily the tests you have had before .How much does that cost? If you manage to hasten an appt they have a policy not to cancel the first one they have told me this every time.Insurance again?

I had a cardiac arrest dying 3 x revived with an angioplasty after [ I know now] classic heart failure symptons ignored before and even to this day by them and MP J Corbyn who I went to after targeted physically out of employment by the No antibiotic policy . There may have been laws & policies made but they need to be in charge overseeing .

They are still ignoring the heart failure symptons of breathing and function symptons should be the the essence of a GPs practice the hub being Research The specialists have only just found pulmonary hypertension in July when asked to investigate after cardiac 12 yrs prior.

When wasn’t hospitalized for bronchopneumonia aged 5 as late father treated with room inhaler [ no hand held ones]Later Smoking [ menthol crystals ] – helped me breathe and be less anxious it was socially acceptable then, not in the classroom.Blaming lifestyle is the easy option to reduce the lifespan of many even though they had given up .This is still happening .Why close A&E when no fast provision in place or stop testing when they know sepsis and amputation can be the consequence ?And


This is a scam as you will find the password is theirs .After spending hrs going to the hospital you are then met by a Registrar who records what you say with a few mistakes ,you can't put right who then sends it back to your GP for them to ignore too or allow others access[ confidential ?] .Occasionaly they may start at square one till you have near fatal heart attack again.Yet still ignore symptoms when proved testing is questionable .


True.If you do get one appt usually by Choose & Book call centre on passwords , eventually you are blocked by hospital registrar[ least experienced ] recording your history again unable to think ,investigate sending back to same problems again if lucky .Unfortunately the same Drs are in private sector blocking second opinions too or ignoring direction into NHS and claims if you can get insured .

When it could be fatal/terminal not funny.All because there are deliberately no full time specialists who see you plan your investigation & treatment as remits unethical .They are all directed by contract no longer the fund holders in charge & responsible.The time wasting is appalling & costs too financial, health & life horrendous .


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