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Reallyyyyyy worried

Hello ,, im new to the site ,

I have been experiencing some really worrying symtoms for over a month now ,, and just moved back to england from spain and have not got the correct documentation to sighn up for gp so I have an appointment on monday with a private doc ,, it all started about a month ago with a pain in my chest ,, and that seemed to die down and since then its been blury vision , extreme tiredness , joint and muscle pain , sore throat , hedaches and a pain in my jaw ... its been so long now its like im getting used to living in this depressing situation ,, I hope on monday it will be soughted ,, does anyone have any ideas what it could be ,, thanks for reading ; (

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Try posting your question up on the Thyroid UK site on here - (HealthUnlocked,) also, if you get no answers, as some of your ills might tie in with thyroid or vitamin deficiency, (they are similar to some of my symptoms I had, I was found to have thyroid and vitamin deficiency, not saying you have though,) also ask TUK member's which blood tests are best to have with the conditions you have.

When blood tests come back as 'Within Range' and the Doctor says "Yes your bloods are fine, you are OK" you might not actually feel OK. Your blood results might read 'Within Range' but they are showing 'Low in Range.' I have had this happen and had to treat myself with Vitamin B!2, Vitamin D3 and Ferrous Furmate (Iron.)

Do 'Google' - vitamindcouncil.com and VitaminB12 deficiency (websites)

(You will read about tiredness, joint and muscle pain.)

If you get your bloods done, ask for a printout of your bloods and their (important) ranges and post up your results on Thyroid Uk on here - HealthUnlocked.


Thankyou for the advice ,, ill do that ,, I just want to get back to normal as it is really affecting me and I have always been healthy without so much as a comkon cold ,,


Good luck for tomorrow dizzyyyysteve. Keep us updated.


Hi Dizzysteve, sorry you are not feeling well, could you not get emergency treatment or advice from a walk in centre. A month is a long time to wait to address your symptoms. With no definite diagnosis it's difficult to suggest an appropriate site on here either. Your symptoms could be a number of illnesses or even stress from moving back from Spain. Hope your private health appointment sorts things out for you.


I have tried but they send me to a gp and say theycannot do tests in walk in ,,, and I have been trying for a month to sighn on to gp ,, what has happened to this country ,, im 100% british and cant get treatment ,,, thank for your advice and hopefully tommorowv at private doc will get it sorted ,


every UK citizen is entitled to an assigned general practice. I recently moved and on line I found a list of GP practices in my local area, and also online is the form to register. The details online included which GPs covered the catchment area and which had capacity. When I took the form in, with proof of current address, they registered me and within a few days I was accepted onto their caseload and received details of how to make an appointment, including online. I have just received details of a screening programme taking place locally so I am now networked in


Blurry vision , extreme tiredness , joint and muscle pain could all be PD symptoms but the other problems you mention I have never seen those mentioned in connection with PD.

Incidentally this HU community is not the right one for discussing a particularly health problem. I guess you're not sure what ailment you have so you are unable to see where to go but you should change communities ASAP otherwise your posts are less likely to be seen and other peoples relevant posts are less likely to be seen by you.


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