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If an in patient is told they need to be transported to another hospital for treatment do they have to stand the ambulance transport costs?

My sister is posing her doctors some problems. They don't seem to be able to find the right treatment for her and are shipping her all over the country for test after test, with no consideration for whether or not she will be fed at any point in the day and charging each time she is transported. They don't always do things in the most beneficial way she can start at hospital A in a morning go to hospital B to hospital C and back to B because they've forgotten to do something and back to hospital A, each time charging for transport - at one point as she was gong under anaesthetic having an administrator wave a bill under her nose, they've even delayed treatment until funds are sent to them holding her life to ransom as a points she's had a blood transfusion and then been bleeding out. At £30 and more a time she can not afford this and my parents are retired and helping the best they can but they are getting into financial difficulty. Can the hospitals demand this payment or is there any way to claim these costs back?

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This may sound like the patient is not an British National and you are not entitled to NHS treatment, ?

Under above she may be being moved by private services. Is she paying for hospital treatment ?.

Sorry that is all I can think of in this case


My father travelled from Bath to London hospital and back again, at no time was he charged for transport which included taking my mother back with him when they left London.


This does not sound like the NHS to me, unless your sister is not entitled to free NHS care. If she is not entitled £30 is cheap for a transfer, it's usually around £500 depending on distance.


Thank you for your replies you've helped a lot.


Have you spoken to the Patient Liaison Officer at the main hospital involved? They represent the patient & will be able to answer why this cost is being levied.


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