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New here and suffering from a herniated disc pressing on nerve


I am suffering from a slipped disc that is pressing on my sciatic nerve. It is a very old injury that has resurfaced. When I was treated before (over 20 years ago) I had been seeing a neurologist and had gotten an MRI. I had gone to therapy for months to avoid surgery. Recently, My orthopedic prescribed a round of prednisone since it had helped once before about a year ago. I re-injured it about 2 months ago and even with the prednisone, it is still bothering me. The pain is mostly in the back of my calf. I started physical therapy a couple weeks ago where they are showing me how to move correctly and how to strengthen my legs and stomach to help. However, when I did therapy in the past, they treated me very differently by using ultrasound and traction. I have suggested this to my therapist but they don't agree. I guess I am just looking for some more answers as to what my other options are. I am getting frustrated that I am not getting better. Has anyone had success with other treatments?

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I have been using inversion therapy to relieve pain and neuropathy. It works. I own a teeter.

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