41 weeks come now please!!!!!!!!

Frustrated.com is me. I'm 1wk over due and wish I hadn't taken maternity so early. How boring is this sitting around waiting, relying on daytime TV for company. Every cramp, I'm like yeah it starting. But NO it's not. This is torture as I'm too big and uncomfortable to do anything. Nevertheless, I'm awfully bored. Doesn't help that I awake to lots of texts and Facebook messages asking 'have u had the baby yet?' I then have to type no baba yet about 20 times a day. Haha People say I'll miss having this time when I'm so busy with baba. No I won't. I'm too active to be stuck in like this. Arghh never-mind only 1more wk tops. Rant over people.


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  • Although I'm not yet past my due date on the 19th I feel the same. Frustrated, bored etc. It is irritating me to get the "anything happening" "any news" "you had her yet" "any twinges" "what's going on?" messages. All those "make the most of the peace and quiet"... "You'll miss having this time to yourself" I won't miss the peace and quiet, I don't like sitting around not doing anything or being inactive, I can't watch daytime tv, I've waited my whole adult life to have a baby, I'm ready! I'm BORED like I've never been bored before! I want something to do all day and night. Your rant is welcome... I feel the same... sent my man to get fresh pineapple...

  • Hahaha, so well put. Well at least I'm not the only one. I really hope you do not go over your due date then.

    Good luck with it all.

  • Good luck to you too! I have a feeling I will be post due date... just my kind of luck... let's see what happens with this pineapple business... I reckon all I'll do is have tasty pineapple goodness and a baby high on sugar! In the meantime I'm going doolally! ;) x

  • my cousins wife went till 42 weeks and by that time entire family was bored of waiting. And even than she did not get labor pains (even after being induced at 42 weeks) so the baby was delivered by c-section. Strange things babies do !

  • My daughter was born at 42 + 3. As annoying as this overwaiting is, I had a hell of a labour and wished I had used the 'spare' time more usefully. There where tons of women who were induced that came and went within a few hours. I was stuck in hospital for 5 days before they broke my waters and put me on the drip and to end up with a c-section became mentally and emotionally draining. So rest as much as you can!

    I ended up writing on facebook that I'd let people know when little one had arrived. Waking up with 40+ messages of the same thing became hard.

    Good luck xx

  • I hate waiting. Luckily with my 1st I never even finished work to start mat leave, he just came early. There is only so much rubbish TV you can watch in a day. Are you to uncomfortable to go for a little walk or go to the cinema? Don't know what else to suggest.

  • hahaha you are funny, don't be so sure you are 41 weeks, you know when the midwifes calculate they start with the last period first day, which adds at least 2 weeks to your pregnancy. You might be just 39 weeks nicely, just relax-I mean, be active, do things, walk, paint, construct but do not sit that much if you want your baby out hahaha. My first born came out at 42 week -GP calculation but my calculation was right bang on 9months-that's it. I know better when i had sex with my husband not them!!!

    God bless you both and all the best xxx

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