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Taking the mick!

I called the hospital up this morning (after being told i would defintly get my results today) to then be told the results havent come in yet, and to call on tuesday as its bank holiday. I hate being told one thing, and then turns out its something else. Its making me mire nervous, worried and doubtful. Been crying all bloody morning, my energy has ran out aswell as my patients.

The bleeding has stopped completly, i feel fine, i have no pain, i still get sickness and last night had had this pain under my ribcage like it was growing or something. Im just ready to give up, clearly its gunna be bad news. I just want all this to be iver so i know what im doing and whats happening. I think im giving up now, im young im fit and healthy so why should i miscarray again? I eat right i do the right stuff take my folic acid but still nothing is right.

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I think we would all be just as frustrated and emotional too. :( I'm so very sorry you are going through this and can only commend you for allowing your feelings to be what they are and for expressing them here so we can support you. I can feel your frustration and anger and would be the same. Thinking of you. Keep on expressing yourself, let those tears out and let those around you help you through this. xxx


I agree with what Kaleidoscope said. There is no one reason for pregnancy going bad - and in your case as you said yourself you are young and you are healthy so I would say, give yourself some more time. I was always told that babies come when they have to - sooner or later. And mostly they come when you are so busy with your life that you least want to think of having babies. give yourself some time and keep expressing yourself, we all are here to hear and help the way we can.



that's bad, they don't sound very sympathetic! bless you I'm not surprised ur so upset, why these epu's are not open like a&e I think is wrong and they deed should be open regardless of bank holidays!! must be torture for u I feel for u very much xxx


Hang on in there. I had two miscarries and an ectopic. During early pregnancy with my little girl last year, i had a heavy bleed, pains and clots. Was convinced it was happening all over again, yet here I sit with my 17 month old on my chest. My inner optimist hopes all is not lost. My thoughts are with you. X x x


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