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Please can someone help me

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I just about (2 years) moved here in uk from tropical climate country. I have been trying with doing unprotected sex with my husband since last December for my second baby. But every month even if we try the most suitable dates, I been miscarriage, yesterday when I saw my periods. I was so worried, even I could not sleep well. I tried to my second baby after 7 years, I never had control, having Phil's or nothing,

Please can someone help for advice what should I do for that?

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Have you considered speaking to your doctor about this? I think they will help you the most if you have been experiencing the distress of miscarriages and unsuccessfully trying for your second baby. Trying to conceive can take a long time though (a friend took 3 years to get pregnant after having a child already, it can just take a long time) but hopefully your doctor will discuss with you anything that can be done to help you.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get pregnant soon. I highly recommend speaking to your doctor.

Thank you very much for your reply. Am I need to talk to go or vog?

I'm really sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by go or vog. Visit your doctor and he/she will be able to answer all your questions. Good luck.

Sorry it was mistake I mean GP or special kind of doctor to talk my situation.?

Any way thank you for your help.

Hi Dilrukshi - go see your GP, they will look at some standard tests that can be done and they will pass you on to a specialist if it is needed, but a specialist won't see you until your GP has sent you to them. Good luck.

Thank you.rhibot

Hi Dilrukshi - I am sorry for your loss. Your GP can help if you have experienced miscarriage or have been trying unsuccessfully to make a baby for 1 year or more. You must also tell him that you are so worried you cannot sleep. Good luck xxx

thank you Blue, I have been trying from last December, but i never had pills or nothing,anyway i will keep trying and i will get a appointment by later weekend,

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