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How to make a HGC blood test in England? How to be sure if you are pregnant or not without it? Really need your advice

Hello, I am 18 years old and I have already had the menstruation delay for 8 days. I made the clearblue pregnancy test about 3 days ago - it was negative, but I want to be sure if I am pregnant or not.

I am a student and have been studying in the UK for 6 months, but I have no idea about where I can make this type of test and how do I need to pay and how much it might cost..

Also I wonder if it is already the time to panic, the last sexual activity was 2 weeks ago, but before that, in the New Year,I was drunk, and i had sex, but I am pretty sure that we used a condom( 80% sure).

I am really need a piece of advice.

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You can't get that test here the pregnancy tests are extremely accurate

I'd wait a few days and try again.

Good luck


Hi you can only get the hcg blood test if you are registered with a gp practice and the gp ask you to have it. The best thing to do is wait another week then re-test with clear blue again first thing in the morning.


Once u have a positive pregnancy test, u can go to the early pregnancy unit and they will do the test if u say u have had bleeding!


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