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37 weeks and I can feel my ovaries moving???

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I can feel my ovaries moving I can feel my left one moving more than the right but when I went to my midwife appointment yesterday rather than reassuring me she asked if I have ever had problems with my ovaries before and I said no so she said it could be a cyst/cysts and I done some internet searching as I was really worried and some people have said it could be polycystic ovaries or cysts and some people have even had c sections should I go to my doctor or am I worrying about nothing?? :(

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Hi, try not to worry. Ive got polycystic ovaries and have had 2 babies naturally. They are both healthy. U can go and speak to your doctor for some advice as thats what they are there for but the only way to find out is by an ultrasound scan. I also had a cyst the size of a golf ball on my right ovary but all is fine now and have gone to have normal labours. Hope this helps


Thank you it has helped a lot I'm more worried as I'm only 19 this is my first and it was not planned and whatever happens in the future happens but it worries me to think about what my body might have to go through when I'm still growing if this is the case but saying that I'm glad I found out sooner rather than later, thank you for your help much appreciated.


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