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Whooping Cough Vaccine at 25 weeks???

Today I had my 25 week appointment with my midwife and she has booked me in for my whooping cough vaccine in a few days. I will only be 25+3 weeks.

Everything I have read said it should be after 28 weeks. Has anyone else had there's early??

Am not sure weather it will be ok or should I say somethin to her as this is my first pregnancy so assumed she would know best??

Any advise welcome :)

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Hi, my midwife told me they are offering the whooping cough vaccine at 28 weeks so that by the time you have your baby hopefully your body will have started producing the antibodies to it and they get passed onto the baby. I'm not sure if there's a reason it has to be 28 weeks but if you're worried just call your midwife and explain. I don't think it would matter if you didn't have it now but had it in 3 weeks time anyway! xx


I rang the drs regarding this yesterday, and they said they have been told between 28 and 36 weeks only. They wont do mine until then. I would phone your surgery and check.x


I was told it's done between 28 and 32 weeks, and had mine done at 29+1 exactly. I know it has to be done before end of 32 weeks so that it has time to start working, but not sure what is the earliest you can have it. I would call midwife or surgery to make sure it is still ok, if not then I guess there is no harm in waiting 3 more weeks.


I had my flu jab on.Tuesday and i was told to book in at 28 weeks for the whooping cough vaccine. When i have looked online it says after 28 - 36 weeks to give the chance to pass.over to the baby. I would phone your drs and ask to Dr or nurse and enquire about this.


Thanks everyone. I rang the hospital and they confirmed my midwife should not have booked me in till 28 weeks so will change the appointment. She obviously was having an off day :s


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