Round ligament pain

Hello . I am 17wks and 3 days . I have experienced lower abdominal pain throughout . Last night I was lying in bed and turned over really quickly . I had a sharp pain , that was so bad I gasped and had to sit up for breath , worrying my partner half out of his wits . It was below my bump ( being very slight , I can see a big bump already :) ) . I have not , dare I say it bled , or had any spotting . I was just wondering if it round ligament pain , or could it be braxton hicks ? bearing in mind I don't think I have felt any movement yet . I feel like I am worrying over nothing , and don't really want to speak to the midwife and waste her time . Many thanks x.

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  • This is weird, im 15 weeks and had the exact same last night, although mine was above bump. It was so sharp and tight! I was really worried when it happened, but it eased off after about 5 seconds, so I just put it down to moving too quickly. As soon as iwriggled and got comfy I was fine and never got it again. I shouldnt worry, no more pain and no blood, thrres no reason to panic :). Its difficult not to, I know, ive had 2 miscarriages so everything is scary! Xx

  • Thanks . It was just an unusual feeling to all the other aches and pains I have had . This is my 1st . It feels like ages away till I see the midwife or doctor again . And yes it can be really scary at times . Hope everything is going well for you this time . I guess there will be many more bumps in the night to come :) xx

  • i had this when i was around 16 weeks, really shook me up, so hot footed it to the doctors, was told you have a muscle that runs across your tummy, and when your pregnant it stretches, and sometimes sudden movements can make it stretch to much, i'm now 33 weeks, and still get the pain if i move to quickly or cough, the joys of pregnancy. good luck on your new arrival :-)

  • Hello! I have had this throughout my pregnancy. I am 24 1/2 weeks now, and if I move too suddenly, just on the sofa getting up or in the night then I get a sharp pain. I've been to the hospital twice and been reassured that the baby is completely fine and that it's just my muscles stretching, or that they are stretched out, and if you pull on them even more then they will twinge. It's all the growing and stretching. So try not to worry.

  • Hello . Thank you so much for your replies . It is hard not to panic when something new and unexpected happens . But I will try not to worry . Hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to the new arrivals :) xx

  • I totally understand you worrying a bit as I've had two misscaradges in the past, but being eighteen weeks now and being kicked by someone as I type, is now quite reassuring. I've had some rather uncomfortable nerve pains up there and of course worried a little, also had a two week long cold so I have a tendency to pull muscles left and right whilst coughing up all night. I've never been this big and do get pains, but my midwife reassured me that it is all normal.

  • am 6weeks and am having some kind of rumbling in my lower abdomen like something is moving inside..some times slight paid..scared about the movement thingy..

  • Pain i meant*

  • Wow your luck to feel movement this early. I only felt junior at fifteen weeks on ward.

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