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Well, I had my scan,

Thank goodness, pumpkin so far is fine scanned at 11weeks and six days, little pumpkin was wriggling around, waved one arm, as if to say hi mum & dad,I'm here, the sonographer pointed out is stron heartbeat, a working pair of kidneys and bladder, also that pumpkin was already swallowing, and it head was just the right size for its age.

Still waiting on the nuchal scan results, but remain hopefully as I could see a little pointy nose, and not too much fluid at the back of pumpkins neck,

Phew! Everything is fine, finally got to tell mum, who was speechless and wondered just how I managed to keep bump a secret all this time, me and my sister still agreed to not tell mum that she knew a week six. So most of my family have been told, and a few close friends, but I've been so used to being quiet that I don't want everyone to know, and can't tell some others as they would post I all over FB, I've also delayed friend requests from old managers, as I don't want top management to know, as they never bothered to give me any support when I was pregnant twice at work, one looked like she had chewed a wasp both times that I announced my pregnancy. Anyway spleen vented, sorry just had to get that out of my system. Now is about joy love and moving on, I'm now 12 weeks and six days and keep cuddling my ever growing bump, I've got pumpkins pic as my wallpaper. I swear I can feel pumpkins movements I'm definitely getting some strange sensations in there. I managed to let my hair down on my friends hen night,and pulled some shapes on the Dancefloor and possibly the odd muscle, got in at half twelve, couldn't sleep, and worried about pumpkin, but after resting on Sunday, felt fine, getting used to having more energy, but a really tiny apatite, I'm having to force myself to eat, but the headaches make me feel sick, hopefully the last one was due to the placenta taking over, slowly getting used to telling people, and being able to get excited about, my bump.

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Congratulations! how exciting, I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and I can't wait until my 12 week scan! It must be so strange to finally see your son/daughter on screen,

I'm officially 6 weeks tomorrow and today is the first day I've felt naceous and the feeling of "morning sickness" Did you have any morning sickness and do you have any tips?

Are you going to find out the sex?


Yippee! I've been thinking about you for day's and wondering how you are! So happy baby is healthy and on track! Pumpkin has some moves eh? Dancer like mummy! It's good to move I think. I teach a physical activity and at first I was cautious but can relax more now. You know what to avoid doing as your instinct and protective nature kick in. I have a boogie in my room some times! :o) So pleased for you Thirdtimelucky! Wahoo! xx


Aww Thankyou guys, and I'm sorry that I haven't been around for a while, I've been up to my eyeballs, and have just come back form hols. I keep getting the odd flutter in my tum, and am confused as to wether its wind or not, however I'm pretty sure I've felt more when half asleep. And I was lucky with the morning sickness, I only had dry heaving and the odd sick burp, but my migraines lasted three days at a time and they made me feel very nauseous and wiped me out. At thirteen weeks I finally got my energy back, best of luck you two, or should I say four or more xx


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