I'm 3 weeks late?

So when I was about 10 days late I took a test it was negative and I did one a few days later and it also was negative. However its now been 3 weeks since I was due my period andno sign of it! Me and my partner are trying for a little baby, We really are hoping that the next time I take a test it will be positive. I haven't had any of the well known symptoms however I have had heartburn a few times over the past few days, I've been getting headaches everyday for about a week now. And I'm always tired. I'm not stressed about this situation, I just really want to know if I am pregnant or not! Please help!x

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  • Have you recently come off of a contraception? Maybe your body is taking a bit of time to re-adjust to your cycle?

  • Yes I have recently stopped taking the pill, do you not think Im pregnant then?:(

  • Aw dont be sad, i only say this because tests are quite accurate. I didnt fall pregnant till 14 months after coming of the pill. Obviously its different for everyone, but i think it takes a little time when coming off the pill for your body to get back to normal. I hope it happens for you soon :)

  • Thankyou! Will let you know if anything happens! :)

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