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Help . Period arrived trying to conceive what's going on

Hi I had a period July 10th normal 4days on. (I'm normally every 45days) I fly to uk on 3rd August I get a period , this happens everytime I fly long haul, any how it's messed me up I don't know when the right time to start trying ! I had unprotected sex 10th 13th and 17th August , today. 20th I got a weird light brown when I wiped , could I have conceived? When should I test I'm very confused now . Any help greatly appreciated. I have two already which where unplanned so all this charting is nonsense to me.

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Today I have worn a pad and only had stuff slimy redish brown when wipe, doesn't follow normal suit for a menstral period it's mucusy and help please I don't know when to test if so


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