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First time pregnancy, been sick everyday+ asthmatic

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It's my first pregnancy and about 8weeks now. I'm really worried because i have lost my strength since week 4. Couldn't resume new job because i can't tolerate few minutes walk to the train station anymore. Although I'm asthmatic, I have had an attack almost twice a week. Now, I'm mostly in bed, trying hard to sleep, feverish, terrible nausea and aches. It gets worse after a light meal, i almost lose my breath to heart burn and weak breathe. GP has changed my inhaler but this has not improved the weakness, loss of appetite and chest pain. I dont miss my pregnacare vitamins too. I'm really worried.

When will I get back to my active life. Everything seem to have suddenly changed and i don't know what to do. The midwife appointment is in a months time. But i can't go to work anymore nor even do any chores at home. I feel helpless and angry

Is this just me?

Pls help

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! 😊All the best 👍

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Omolabake in reply to Crazy_girl

Thank you

I would go back to your GP, although it's common to feel a bit tired, have morning sickness etc it's not to the extent you can't eat anything, are feverish and can't get out of bed. I would ask for some blood to be done and see if your can be prescribed something for the sickness.

Most symptoms tend to go away towards the second trimester so hopefully if it's just pregnancy hormones and you'll start to feel better soon.

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Omolabake in reply to Seb9

I'll call in again. But the last time i spoke with GP, he seemed unbothered and just told me to rest in, till i see the midwife. He only changed my inhaler. Though the chest pain is reducing gradually, i hope to gain my active life again soon. Thanks alot. I will call again

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Mcra in reply to Omolabake

I agree regarding speaking to your GP, it sounds like too much.

Did you have your booking appointment already? If you have one soon, you can also talk then about how you feel.

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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Omolabake in reply to Mcra

Yes,my appointment with the midwife is next month. I will call in again. Thanks so much Mcra

Hi Omolabake,

I pray you get back to full health soon, hold on, you’re doing a great job weather you realise it or not! The first trimester is usually the hardest (so I’ve been told), I’m facing my own battles with a pregnancy related illness, hyperemisis but with medication i’ve gone from throwing up after every meal and sip of water to just two/three times a day and have very little energy to walk down stairs at times (I won’t bore you with all the details).

Did you know that if a baby continued growing at the same rate as within the first trimester throughout the whole pregnancy, then women would give birth to a baby weighing 1.5 tonnes? Cut yourself some slack and rest when you need to, even if it is the whole day. Hyperemisis is debilitating at times and so I can totally relate to feeling anxious about not being able to complete everything things likes chores for example but the main priority is you and your baby’s health.

I watched a YouTube video the other day which really put things into perspective for me; I can throw up, up to 7 times in one go with hypermisis but I took comfort in the fact that pregnancy related illnesses are temporary and even if it does last the whole 9 months there are other debilitating conditions that can last someone’s lifetime.

Keep reaching out to others to ensure you have a good support network and don’t stop going back to your Dr or finding a Dr who could provide another solution. Here are a few things I put in place or am looking into to mitigate my circumstances. I hope they help:

-letting at least two people closest to me know how I’m feeling should they need to advocate for me I.e call the doctor if need be when I’ve just had enough of everything that day.

- list things I can do to cheer me up when I’m feeling down. These things are as simple as watching feel good programmes on the laptop from bed (Goggle box has given me a few laughs).

- calling a friend or family member when I feel flat.

- looking into the possibility of hiring a cleaner once or twice a month to help with cleaning. I struggled with the thought of this and have always assumed it was an unnecessary expense but you deserve to live in a clean environment too. Even letting those you trust, know the reality of your situation might give someone the idea to help you out when they can. Don’t be afraid to speak about about your truth.

- researching the possibility hiring a birth keeper on the NHS. I’m not sure if this is possible but it provides an avenue for additional emotional support during this time.

-surrounding myself with women who can give sound advice. This forum looks good so far and many churches have women’s groups currently meeting online due to the pandemic.

Any time off work during pregnancy due to pregnancy related sickness legally should not count towards your sicknesses leave. I suggest you join a union to get sound advice about employment and pregnancy along the way.

On a slightly separate note, the vitamins I was taking made my nausea worse. Because of this I stopped taking them and remember asking my chemist for an alternative. He looked at me and asked what my Dr recommended. The Dr hadn’t come out and recommended anything in particular, when I explained this, he looked relaxed and said “then I don’t recommend you take anything, these things are delicate”. I’m not suggesting you take this advice but please get a multitude of advice form a number of medical professionals about an alternate multivitamin. Researching hyperemesis may also help you, your symptoms sound similar and the illnesses can be managed with medication. Some medical professionals didn’t believe I had it until I came across one who was able to prescribe be medication. Keep pushing, your breakthrough is just around the corner, praise God we live in an era of modern medicine where most conditions can be managed.

We had a pregnancy scare about 6 weeks in (the start of my hyperemisis symptoms) and I headed straight to the early pregnancy unit (EPU) at my local hospital. They directed me to A & E for an initial assessment and then I ended up at back at EPU with with a drip in my arm as I had no energy from throwing up around 7 times. If you feel really unwell, head straight to you neared EPU and they can advise you if you’re yet to have an appointment with a midwife, don’t be afraid to politely push for the care you need.

Dont be afraid to let those you trust in to the reality of your situation either. I pray your condition lasts only the first trimester but if it doesn’t just know the 4th trimester will be a breeze for you when the baby is here. Sending huge virtual hugs your way!x

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Omolabake in reply to Elliefaith

Oh, Elliefaith , thank you so much. This sounded like you were right in front of me consolingg and you definitely helpful. I will try out your tips. We have not told any family and friends, we were waiting till after the 1st visit or scan. I definitely would need help with sisters from church or so though hubby had been particularly helpful though confused at times. Thanks alot . I will do more readings and get more info from medics. I am glad I'm a part of this supportive group . It feels like family house.

God bless you

Wish you all the best too

We will finish strong

Amen sister, to God be the glory!

I'm asthmatic, and even though I found pregnancy helped my asthma, for some it can make it worse. Did your doctor change your medication after you had the attacks? If you're new inhaler still isn't controlling your asthma then ask to try another as it's important, whether pregnant or not to get it under control. Maybe you are suffering with a virus causing some of the symptoms which is also affecting your asthma. Either way I would speak again to the doctor. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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Omolabake in reply to GemX81

Thanks my sister. I was given a new preventer inhaler alongside the blue and there's much difference as at today. GP told me not to worry, that it will get better but if it doesn't , I can report back. The weakness is gradually reducing. Heat sometimes triggers my asthma. So, I've learnt to open the windows at night and get enough fresh air in the day too and I now sleep better compared to previous days💘

It does get easier 🤗 I was sick all day everyday and could only keep down ice lollies, I lost over stone. By week 16 it calmed quite a bit and by week 20 the sickness had all but stopped. Luckily I could work from home due to covid or I don’t know how I would have managed into the office! The high pollen won’t be helping for asthma just now either 🥲 I would defo contact your GP again about both the asthma and sickness or even the midwife (I know you haven’t had an appointment yet but they should still be able to help) are you on the anti sickness tablets? I started them waaaay too late about 13 weeks as I was trying to be martyr and my gps took weeks to sort out prescription 😂 but they defo do help! Oh heartburn I’m afraid only hit worse but completely disappeared the instant baby was born xx

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Omolabake in reply to Twiglet2

It better subsides before week 16 to 20😀. I want to get back to my normal active life. Thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely see the GP again depending on how I feel in few days time. Encouraging words from this family has kept me going. Knowing I'm not alone is enough strength for me as I look forward to seeing the midwife soon. 😘

This doesn’t sound like it has anything at all to do with pregnancy - do you have COVID??

I thought so too at some point but i have taken 2 covid tests recently and still had another NEGATIVE result 2 days ago. So, it's not covid. I feel kinda better since 2 days now, that i haven't taken the vitamins. I eat a little better and inhaler use has been lighter too. I seat out to get more fresh air in bits and rest as much as possible. Thanks sis.

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