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Dating Scan


I m 11 weeks pregnant and so far i havent heard anything about Dating scan and blood tests. NHS website says dating scan btw 10-14 weeks.

I can understand bcoz of lockdown things might be delayed. Is there anyone in the same boat?

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Contact your local midwife unit to get a scan from 12 weeks. There shouldn’t be any delays to having your scan as if you want checks for downs, edwards etc, these need to be done before 13 weeks and 6 days.

Hope this helps.

Have you self referred on nhs website? I would call your local mw and ask about it

monika86 in reply to JojoWash

Yes i hv done self refferal and my first appt with midwife was done on 20th over the ph, i hv called antenatal they said i will nt get anything before 12 weeks 🙄

Tiredmumsie in reply to JojoWash

Hi, can you tell me how to self refer please?

Seb9 in reply to Tiredmumsie

It's different for each area, contact your GP surgery and the receptionist can advise you on the process for your areas.

Get onto your loval midwives asap, you need scan before 13 weeks and so many days, covid situation should not delay something like this due to certain tests/measurements that need to be done, albeit you will likely have to attend on your own unless social distancing is relaxed between now and then but I v.much doubt it.

You should off heard by now.. i had my scan on Monday at 11 weeks and 2 days but i got the letter werks ago. I would ring again and question.

monika86 in reply to Mellewis19

I m sooooo pissed just called them and came to knw no refferal has been done for scan, midwife appt was on 20th nd she didnt send request for scan 😡😡😡

Mellewis19 in reply to monika86

That's so bad! What have they said? Can you get you booked in soon??x

monika86 in reply to Mellewis19

THey said they will ask midwife to send referral, and i still have time bcoz scan has to be done before 14 weeks. I m thinking to call them in afternoon again just to check

Djudju in reply to monika86

Your experience sounds so much like mine! I had to chase up the team for my midwife appointment, then the phone call happened well over 2 hours late. And then I was told my scan was on a date I wouldn't be in the UK. So my midwife took my holiday date details telling me someone would contact me within a week with re-booking scan details but guess what? 10 days later, nobody. I chased up to find out that they were not aware of my new dates. And like you I was told they wouldn't book me in before 12 weeks, 11 + 2 was not good enough and I'd have to wait till my return from holiday. However that would mean I'd be then in my 14+ week which is too late for cerain tests! I don't know what to do. I'm so frustrated and feel so helpless, nothing seems to be working properly at that hospital, such poor communication, huge difficulties in getting anything done.... :( I don't know if this is the case everywhere due to Covid-19 now, but a few years back I had a brilliant experience with midwives from St. Thomas's hospital. Nothing like what I am going through now with Whipps Cross :(

monika86 in reply to Djudju

When i had my daughter 5 yrs ago, everything was perfect, same like u i was going to India they done everything according to my holidaus, bt this time i was cont. chasing for scan appointment.

Yes or call back Monday x

That's shocking hun. Your midwife usually makes a referral at your first appointment whether this be in person or over the phone.

They're still doing scans as they're sn important part to check on baby's health, although you have to go alone. I had my 13 weeks scan a few weeks ago x

monika86 in reply to Major2116

Thank u everyone, i hv called them again this afyernoon, finally scan dept has received my referral, hopefully next week i will get appt letter.

Hi Monika, did you get a dating scan in the end? I am really early on in my pregnancy and would like to know how the health care is keeping up.

Afrohair in reply to MiaJosie

You have to pay for early scans privately

Scan is from 12 week please ring up I’m 10 week and got mine but I’ve been asking them as where I am they always miss stuff already had bloods

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