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Concerned over dates


Hello, So I was wondering if anyone could pass on some advice or positive thoughts! This is the first time I have fallen pregnant naturally. I have had two rounds of IVF one failed and second one ended in MMC. This pregnancy was unplanned so a surprise. I have long cycles (anywhere between 33-37 days) so I currently think I’m just over 8 weeks based on a 34 day cycle. My midwife dated me at 9 weeks clearly based on a 28 day cycle and I went for a private scan on Sunday and they said I was around 6 weeks. They said they saw a gestational sac with yolk sac and fetal pole but no heartbeat saying I was likely to be too early. I’m being rescanned in 2 weeks. I’m now really confused on the dates and convinced it’s going to end in MMC again. The only symptom I was having was sore boobs but within 24 hours of the scan these have stopped hurting. Like someone turned off a switch. Is there a chance my dates are just out as I ovulated and implanted late?

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Yes of course. I thought i was 12 weeks and was only 8 weeks at my scan, fingers crossed.

Kama41 in reply to MissEd

Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes your dates could be off. I thought I was 14 weeks and turned out to be 12 weeks when I had my first scan.

Kama41 in reply to pinkie93

Thank you that’s really encouraging to hear.

My cycles are very short and always around 25 days max. I had a private dating scan (very comprehensive and detailed) that put me on a 6 March due date. Few days later i had the NHS dating scan which was a rushed 2 minute job, measured the baby smaller than the detailed private scan before and pushed my due date to 12 March which is spot on based on 28 day cycle. So it has been annoying having two due dates and as I’m giving birth with NHS i have to go by their due date. Needles to say i am more convinced by the earlier date and getting ready for that (not that babies come on time 😬). I think NHS calculates it based on the date of your last period and nothing else and they don’t account for shorter / longer cycles. So I wouldn’t be too worried just get it checked again and I’m sure at 12 weeks you will get a clearer picture of your due date. xxx

Kama41 in reply to MissAP

Thank you. I’m glad to hear that there can be quite significant date changes due to cycle lengths. I agree with you and to plan for the earlier date! I hope all goes well x

nsha in reply to MissAP

Just to let you know there are different ways of dating a pregnancy by a scan by using different measurements, depending on how many weeks you were when the scan was done. There is a possibility that the private scan was dated on a different measurement to the NHS scan. For example you can date it by head circumference or crown-rump length. The NHS scan printout should state “EDD by scan” separate to “EDD by dates”; if it is by scan measurements then the computer generates the due date from the measurement so the assumption of a 28 day cycle doesn’t even come into account and that would’ve been pure coincidence. It would also say on the 12 week scan printout how it was dated, either “dated by HC” or “dated by CR length”. They would never just go by dates unless it was too early to measure I.e. 6 weeks etc.

How did you get on?

I thought I was 10 weeks and went for a private scan. They said I was 6-7 weeks with no heartbeat. I am waiting for a scan with nhs in 2 days to see if the pregnancy continues or it’s a MMC. X

Kama41 in reply to Ifan

Hi Ifan, unfortunately for me it ended in a miscarriage, my second one. I hope you get better news x

Ifan in reply to Kama41

Oh no. I am so sorry. Sending love xx

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