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Nipples sore and erect 4wp

Is it just me... or has anyone else experienced this?

The slight drop in temperature or exposure to a chill.... my nipples could poke someone’s eyes out!! They go so erect, Start throbbing and stinging as if they are in the arctic and even turn a shade of blue!!!

Only 4.5 weeks pregnant - has anyone else had this??

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I had this with my first and the was like it all the way through my pregnancy.... just a sign your body is changing nothing to worry about xx


Mine were like it for at least first trimester, they would sting terribly if they became cold or even brushed against anything, I wore soft crop top style bras to bed which helped as they were worse without a bra on.


Yes mine were really sore too, i purchased Lansinoh Lanolin cream. Its a natural product and you can use it when baby arrives if you choose to breast feed. Win-win it definitely helped me so would highly recommend.


That was exactly me too at 4 weeks no worries


God I forgot about that symptom but it’s all come floods back to me! I dreading going into chilled food areas of the supermarket was agony!


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