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Hi just need some help calculating when I fell pregnant please.

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Hey I’m 18 and I just need some help and wondering if anyone could work out what date I fell pregnant. I had two periods in a month which I don’t usually have but I had one at the start of the month on the 9th of November and I had another one on the 28th of November, I don’t know which one is the more useful one and my periods last for atleast 4 days but, I’m now 25weeks and my baby due date is the 3rd of September. Thank You

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Theres no real way to tell for definate what day you concieved on as its always a window your most likely looking around the 7th to 11th of december but there is no real way to know for sure

Can I ask why you querying date of conception? If it a paternity matter and you slept with two different guys in the same cycle then only a DNA test can give you the answer

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No I haven’t slept with two different guy I’m just generally wondering when I fell pregnant?

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Take your estimated date and go 38 weeks back and you have your estimated date of conception.

If you google conception date from due date calculator Itlk bring up a site which will calculate your conception window. Like kate91 said around 7-11th Dec

Hi, I know this is an old post but I'm currently experiencing this now 2 periods in a month now my body is doing all weird things- what were your symptoms after the 2nd period before you found out you were pregnant ? :)

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Hey, my main symptoms after my 2nd period was tiredness and really bad migraines

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Sorry another question did it take a while for you to get a positive test?

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I got a positive test around 3 weeks pregnant

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