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Don't know if I should check now or not. I seriously don't want to have more medicines

I had contraceptives (diane 35) for last six months to treat my pcos.

In between (2 months back) dropped it for a month and periods and reports were normal still doctor asked me to continue for two cycles.

Now I was asked by doctor to stop those pills I am having no withdrawal period

Had intercourse a lot of times.

Just worried what to do. It's now 15 days I had my last tablet.

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Have you done a test? I'm not sure what your query is... are you concerned you might be pregnant?

If you are having unprotected yes you might be and if you stopped the pill 15 days ago that would be consider unprotected


I checked it when I was due with 5 days and it was negative when should I check it again?


Check again Hun ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Tests will not normally pick up that early... you need to wait till you miss a period at least... that said if you're taking ur pill irregularly your periods can be messy. If you don't want to be getting pregnant though you should use condoms at least whilst your contraception is sorted... the pill doesn't sound like a good option if you're not taking it regularly

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Thanx for the revert


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