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Baby has congested nose for 2 weeks

Hello! anyone's baby had congested nose for 2 weeks?is it normal? I've been a week ago to the doctors and said to use saline drops which i was using already(spray as it easier) and nosefrida and he said i shouldn't use it as they sell only and use in America.My baby refuses to clean his nose for more than on week,not even the saline drops,i purchased a battery operated nose cleaner with music and no luck.I really want to help my baby and was thinking of sinus rinse ,i know will help but i am scared to do it.Any suggestions please?I think i'll go back to the doctors on Monday.His temperature is 37.2.Thank you

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Have you tried the nasal suckers you actually suck them yourself so it’s a little gross but I have found them to be the most successful.


i've got one,tried few times and worked but now he won't let me do it anymore as he is scared and screamimg and crying very bad


It was a two man job when I did our baby he hated it but it was worth it and found he soon settled.

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Have you tried steam? My little one had a horrible stuffy nose, we tried saline drops, snuffle baby vapour rub on chest and feet. I had a nasal aspirator but after a few goes she wouldn’t let me get it near her. I found that some drops of baby olbas oil in boiling water in the living room and bedroom helped. I also found popping her in the bathroom while either hubby or I had a hot steamy shower helped. Propping up the ends of the crib/Moses basket can also help. I really hope your little one feels better soon. Xx


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