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13 weeks and feeling awful!!

Hi all, I'm 13 weeks and was hoping to really start enjoying my pregnancy and start glowing and getting luscious locks..... however I'm feeling bloody awful, I'm constantly nauseous and throwing up and having seriously bad headaches, which are borderline migraines 🤢 I've had the odd day here and there throughout the pregnancy where I've felt ill and I've thrown up a few times.... but nothing like I've had this week.... is this normal and has anyone else had this?!?

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Your headaches could be due to dehydration especially if you are throwing up a lot. Drink little sips but often to stay hydrated. Try not to drink a lot at one time or it may come straight back up. I seemed to get a lot of headaches weeks 8-16. I now never leave the house without a bottle of water.

You're body requires a lot more liquid in pregnancy. I always seem to be thirsty and really have to make an effort to drink. It can be quite difficult at times as it only makes you wee more!

Regarding sickness, I only ever felt nauseous in the 2nd and 3rd month which subsided when I ate. I have to eat little and often throughout the day to combat it.

You could contact your maternity unit if you are worried about how Frequently you are throwing up. Don't be worried about pestering them, get it checked out. Once you've spoken to them and gotten some advice, it will put your mind at ease. Good luck.


I’m exactly the same as you minus the headaches. The dr has gave me some tablets which seem to be taking the edge off. Maybe get yourself an appointment. Xx

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