Ultra Sound showing no hb

Hi everyone, I've never posted on anything before but totally stressing at the moment.

I'm 30yrs old and have a healthy 3 year old boy whom is amazing. Found out a few weeks ago we are pregnant with our second which is so exciting.

Went for a dating scan 2 weeks ago and measured 5 weeks 4 days with no hb which isn't unusual went back for my second scan yesterday which going off the first scan should have been 7 weeks 3 days but again no hb and only measure 6 weeks 3 days I had a internal scan yesterday.

Now I am booked in to have bloods taken tomorrow and then again early next week to see if my HCG Levels are rising. I am worried I am just waiting to miscarry even though I have had no spotting or cramps and still get nauseous through the day as I did with my first.

Sorry for the long post but has anyone else experienced something similar?

Thank you

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So sorry to hear this. Are you still showing positive on a pregnancy test? I was told to do another test when I had some spotting/clots.

Unfortunately tests can show positive for a couple of weeks after having a miscarriage :(

Thanks for your comment, still positive testing and had no spotting or cramps

Don't be worried this is totally normal, sometimes scans are very inaccurate, I was told my baby was going to be 11 pounds she came out at 7 pounds when I went for early scan said I was 8 weeks 6 days when I went for NHS dating scan said I was 11 weeks 3 days so about a week off as long as your not bleeding your fine my lovely xx

No bleeding so I'm still holding onto some hope, thank you for sharing your experience xx

Your welcome nothing will stop you worrying if it's a stressful time just try and stay calm xx

Nothing I say will stop you worrying, but hopefully a bit of info might help.

The dating scans at that point in pregnancy are not accurate, I had one at what they thought was 7 weeks, (my second daughter was still born at 37 weeks with no cause found) they decided I was earlier as no heartbeat, a week later they could see heartbeat, by time I got to 12 week scan I was at 14 weeks. I remember the stress and worry and know how you feel following this scan. However, I now have a healthy two week old baby.

The scans this early on are not very clear, having anything in bowel can also stop them seeing things clearly.

Effectively looking at something the size of a pin head to a finger nail.

Fingers crossed blood tests will help, hang on there and I wish you all the luck in the world, expecting the worst won't make it any better if the worst happens, so try and relax a little bit as it's out of your control.

I wish you all the luck in the world for a healthy baby X x

Thank you so much for your info, I feel a bit better after reading this.. trying to stay positive. Congratulations on your baby xx

Was it a 12 weeks dating scan? X

The GP sent me for a first scan after bloods showed 5 weeks just to get a date but when they couldn't see a hb decided it was too earlier and told me to back in 2 weeks with was yesterday and still no hb

Oh right. I've never heard of anyone being sent for a scan that early before in routine pregnancy - usually you have to wait til 12 weeks. But that's positive news in terms of it wasn't the 12 scan as then I would say that sounds like bad news but you might have some hope now. How long do you have to wait for the next scan? X

This happened to me. Found out I was pregnant, had some horrible pains so went to hosp and doctor feared it was ectopic so had an internal scan and baby appeared to be in the right place but there was no heartbeat and just a sac, they told me that they didn't think it was a viable pregnancy. Had a blood test every 48 hrs for a week and hcg levels were rising so had another scan and there was the heartbeat!! Just celebrated his 4th birthday :)

And I was told that it can take up to 8 weeks for heartbeat to be detected.

Thank you so much, you have given me so much more hope. Happy birthday to your little man 😊

Hi, just wondering how things are?

Hi, well my bloods came back and my doctor said there's no need to worry just yet at my levels are increasing. I have another ultra sound in about a week, fingers crossed there's a little hb

All good news then, pleased to hear it. Fingers crossed x

How did your scan go?

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