Short long bones at 20 weeks

Had my 20 week scan and bubs limbs are below 1 percentile everything else looks perfect. I did amnio came Back negative ! They think it's some sort of skeletal dysplasia! So worried anyone had this and was ok at the end???


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  • Hi this must be so worrying for you but glad everything else looks good - my friends baby had similar but unforutunately her lungs were not developing so she had to have a termination :( but if that had not been the case her baby would have been ok apart from the skeletal dysplasia so I am hoping this is the case for you! X

  • Thanks Claire yes so worried haven't been able to sleep.. how many weeks was she when she terminated? I'm just so confused as it's only the short limbs everything else is great !

  • I think 22 weeks it was so sad. I know she said if the babys lungs had been ok she would have been so happy as she could have continued the pregnancy.

  • So sad -(

  • Hi,

    Sorry about this news. I'm sure they explained this to you, but 'skeletal dysplasia' is basically what we would have once called dwarfism. There are lots of different types, some with more associated complications then others but it's mostly a condition people can lead pretty normal lives with (if your child does have this). There is a good page on restricted growth on NHS choices, if you were wanting to do some reasearch. I can understand why at this point it might feel like too much, but I do think you may find it will put your mind at ease a little about growth restriction disorders.

    All this being said, scans can be inaccurate (although that far out would be unusual). It's so easy for me to say this but really try not to worry. I hope stuff works out for you. Do they ask you to go back for scans. Or is a consultant going to talk to you?

  • Thanks mels27!! Yes I'm having one next wed then going to see a geneticist straight after that to see what they say.. I had an amnio and it came Back negative .. I think with certain sd's they can detect on amnio..

  • Well please let us know how it goes. Like I say, having been pregnant myself I'm sure you have done all the research in the world! But like I say, if your child does have SD and it's just due to a primary restricted growth disorder than the NHS choices pages will I'm sure put your mind at massive ease. Obviously their are conditions that cause secondary SD or RG which tend to be where other side effects come in, but even with most of those are disorders that people can live pretty normal lives with.

    Normally I'm the queen of try not to research just talk to a doctor, but on this occasion it may put your mind slightly at ease. Like I say I really hope this works out for you. And if you feel you can please let us know how it's going!

  • Thank so much! I will definitely update more just incase anyone is going through what I'm going through -)

  • My cousin was told her baby has small limbs. She was worried sick. Then she was told "what we meant was your baby is small all over". Her baby stopped growing 3 weeks ago as placenta was not supplying enough nutrients. Baby was born early via cash section as Dr decided baby was better out than in. Her son is absolutely fine now x

  • Thanks Georgina -) mine are off the charts in less than 1 percentile but everything else is fine!' Bub measuring 2 weeks behind do not sure if it's just small!

  • You need to ask then. Also when they measure in a scan it's normally head circumference, abdominal circumference and length of femur bone. If all 3 measurements are at 1 percentile then it could just be small baby like my cousins, restricted growth.

  • No the other measurements are in normal range but still smaller percentiles only arms and legs are small!

  • Hi,

    I don't have experience with Skeletal dysphasia but just wanted to say sorry to hear this, I can relate to how worried you must be. We had a anomaly found at our 20 week scan for the Ventricles on our little ones brain, luckily for us everything turned out well.

    I hope everything turns out well for you xx

  • Thank you xx

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