Period pains at 36 weeks?

Hey everyone! Having really bad period pains from time to time and a dull backache. Get these everyday and the aches and pains stay for a few hours even when resting. Just wondering if anyone else has had this ? I've no idea if labour is round the corner as it's my first baby! Thank youuuuu


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4 Replies

  • period pain like you describe is just how labour started for my 3 boys! stay on your toes! Xx ❤

  • Oh dear 😂 I'm not ready for this haha Xx

  • Hey

    I had these pains for about 1 week before I gave birth. It's just your body getting ready to go!

    Lots of warm baths and rest 🙂


  • They are nothing but labour pains. Ring labour ward and speak to the midwife to check whether or not you are ready to be admitted.

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