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How could I get pregnant easier? I'm finding it so hard😒

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Hello Ladies,

I know this may seem like a stupid question to ask, but... what advise would you give me to get pregnant easier? Me and my partner have been wanting a baby for such a long time and we've missed carried two this year😞 It was so heart breaking for us both as we both didn't know at the time I was pregnant both times 😞😭 please anyone help me/us!!

It could really help yes I may sound crazy but it's what me and my partner both really want, everyone else can get pregnant and be happy to pronounce they are having a baby but it upsets us both when people announce😞

Thankyou that would be much appreciated xx

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I'm not sure there much you can do from your side apart from 1. Be healthy don't smoke don't drink 2 take folic acid supplements. However if you have had already 2 miscarriages have you been investigated to why this is happening? Some medical conditions can be the cause of this so if it hasn't been looked into speak to your gp

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Chelsea-Nicolexo in reply to roxannacar

Wicked thankyou and I looked into it and it's my mental health apparently that's caused it

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Has it been looked into? Mental Health issues don't normally cause miscarriage unless you're on certain medication. So if nobody has looked into why you had the miscarriages ask your gp to do some investigations/refer you - most doctors will investigate after two miscarriages (despite 3 being the guideline)

If it has been investigated, and the issue is certain medication then you should look into possibly swapping, ask for a referral to a maternity psychiatrist.

BUT mental health issues on their own don't cause miscarriages

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Firstly change your mind set if your stressing/wanting it so much it won't happen I took longer with my first to fall but this time I had 1 month off pill then fell straight after. You have to think of it as a blessing if you fall pregnant forget all the people who fall at the drop of a hat especially one night stands as when I was trying for first I felt like yourself but things soon changed once I changed how I felt also enjoy the making a baby fun don't make it too regimental especially don't tell him it's time or they feel pressured which won't help you fall either!

Try using a fertility app which tells you roughly which days your fertile what I did was when it said fertile I just got my husband in the mood daily (at start of window hours mid to after end of window every 24 hours) while we were in the window I did notice one day I was in the shower this is tmi that on myself there was really clear slippery stuff came away this is the sign you need to look for as this is a true sign of high fertile day😆

Anyways I hope all the above makes sense and helps in someway fingers crossed keep us posted!

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I know this may sound old fashioned hun, but I found it worked. When you and your partner have finished intercourse put a couple of pillows under your bum so it tilts your hips upwards. Stay like that for about 20 minutes, it helps prevent the leakage of the sperm and tips them all the right way. I am sure it will happen hun, I have had some mental health issues but I still got a good outcome. Hope it helps hun and try to relax xx

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Chelsea-Nicolexo in reply to jowalk6

Thankyou Hun I will do that xxx

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I think you need to stop 'trying'. I can't help much as me and my partner had an accidental pregnancy, but I know lots of people who kind of have gone through rounds of failed IVF then when the stop trying it just happens.

As people have said keep taking folic acid, keep having sex and try not to stress. That won't help! Good luck.

I'm not sure mental health problems can cause miscarriages unless your on certain types of medication I'm not an expert but unless the baby wasn't viable or you weren't well or your body couldn't handle the pregnancy etc think you should ask to be checked again, stop stressing about it relax and just enjoy your time with your partner, don't try so hard the stress can cause miscarriages, the fact that you've been pregnant twice suggests it was just bad timing and you weren't ready yet but just have lots of fun steamy sex that's what me and my partner did I was pregnant after 3 months of coming off contraception hope this helps

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Hia, I had my son no problems and then suffered two miscarriagess so can totally relate to the pain your going through.

The NHS policy is not to investigate miscarriages until you've had 3. I am very lucky to have a wonderful nurse practitioner who agreed to run some basic tests for me after my dr point blank said no. She could she how damaging the loses were to my mental health- which had never been a problem before.

Your going to have to do a lot of research and a lot of kicking up a fuss and crying in front of drs if you want the NHS to investigate you at 2 miscarriages. The tests run on me were:


-FSH (egg reserve)

-progesterone (ovulation)

-full blood count

These all came back normal but I couldn't let things go I just knew something was wrong. I showed her some research that I had found and she was like if your that concerned we'll run a

- basic clotting screen

Low and behold there was my problem. A clotting issue causing my miscarriages. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant thanks to taking baby aspirin daily.

Just to warn you if your going to challenge your miscarriages at 2 instead of 3 it's a hard long struggle - but totally worth it.

Wish you the very best of luck and your rainbow baby to come soon x

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Hi. Just wanted to comment as feel a bit frustrated at the comments to 'just relax' as shows a complete lack of understanding of infertility. Relaxing and not stressing does not magically make you pregnant and cure any underlying reasons. And stress definitely will not be a reason for your miscarriages. I took 4 years to become pregnant and can completely relate to the heartbreak of pregnancy announcements and the feeling it may never happen. What people don't seem to understand is that the struggle to get and stay pregnant will cause upset and stress and being told that stress may be the cause will increase anxiety and guilt and not help. I don't know if this will help, but miscarriages are more common than people realise, especially early on, and having had 2, you are just as likely to have an ongoing pregnancy next time than somebody who has had none. I know that won't take the pain away but there is no reason to think you arent going to have a successful pregnancy in the future. I had some counselling during my struggle to conceive and this helped me see that all the feelings i was having were completely normal. Look after another during this time and I hope soon you will get that positive result. Xx

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Me and my partner stopped trying and here we are 9 weeks pregnant and it took a while for it show on pregnancy test as hospital did loads negative result then did one about midnight few weeks ago and bam positive results since speak to family planning if your concerned but definitely stop trying and just have sex because your not so focused then xx

Myself and my husband struggled to conceive initially. A friend told me about Pregnacare so I started taking that. We also took a break for 3 months as I didn't want a Nov-Jan baby (too many family birthdays then already!). It actually relieved the pressure that we had put on ourselves. I took up swimming and did a lot of work in the garden and stopped drinking alcohol. When we were ready to try again, it worked quickly. I'm now 16 weeks!!! I guess the key for us was to relax (have fun and don't stress out each month) get some exercise (get active) and eat & drink well (no alcohol and eat plenty fruit and veg)

Good luck!

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