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Ongoing UTI and Sciatica - 25 weeks pregnant


I've had bad pain now for 3 weeks in my pelvis area like a weight pressing down on me. It is always worse when I get up after lying down or sitting down. Was advised by 3 midwives (2 over phone and 1 at a scan at 21 weeks) it was the baby kicking and normal. Had enough of the pain so I went the doctors to be tested and got informed I had a UTI. It has been a week now and I still have it and have been given a stronger course of antibiotics. I keep getting little stabbing pains below my ribs/ top of stomach. Also keep getting bad sciatica.

Has anyone else had issues like this and could advise over what helps? Finding it hard to stay positive as I constantly seem to be ill.

Thanks :)

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if you have uti i would advise you to drink as much as possible (mainly water). Keep taking your prescribed medication and you can try drinking cranberry juice. It doesn't taste very good but i have heard it is effective natural remedy for uti.

for sciatica i would suggest getting referral to physiotherapist.

hope you feel better soon


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