Just a little worried

I went in last Monday (5/22) to find out how far along I am. I know the first time we were "together" was 4/22. Unfortunately I don't have regular cycles so I honestly don't know when my last period was. The tech said I was 6wk1d and was due January 14th. Then two days later I got a call saying there was just a sac and no fetal pull. We have another US scheduled for Wednesday the 31st, but I'm worried. Anyone ever deal with this?

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  • Hey! when i first found out I was pregnant, I was bleeding, and I visited my Early Pregnancy unit who did a scan. The could find a sac but no fetal pole, but a few days later I was rescanned and they could. I am not the expert and I would wait for your US to confirm, but it does happen. I am now 24 weeks and 3 days.

    Good luck, hope all is OK :) xxxx

  • A scan at 6 weeks is very early. I was bleeding at 6 weeks and had a scan. They only saw a sac and couldn't confirm whether I was pregnant or had miscarrieed. I had to come back a week later and there was a heart beat (this is now my 3.5 year old!).

    So I wouldn't despair yet, finding more than a sac st 6 weeks is unlikely, and they should've really mentioned that!

    All the best!

  • Hi, you sound like you are around the same time as myself! I went in for an US last Tuesday! What I don't understand is how they can measure you as 6wk1day as I was also measured as this, but there was a fetal pole, sac and heartbeat, but they did say before I went in for the scan that it's not uncommon not to see anything at 6 weeks and that I would more than likely have to go back the next week so I was surprised to see all that! Even then maybe they have estimated you wrong, but it's also strange that the called you two days later to tell you that! Did they show you on the screen? But anyway I'm reading online it's really common to not see anything until you are past 7 weeks so I wouldn't worry xxx

  • Your baby at this point is growing in leeps and bounds doubling cells daily. Although 6 weeks may be to early to see it you will be astonished at, if all goes normally, what you'll be able to see in 7 days.

  • 6 weeks 1 day may just be to early to see a pregnancy. The worst thing you can do is worry. They gave you an appointment approximately one week later because by 7 weeks of pregnancy with the great majority of ultrasound machines your pregnancy can be adequately evaluated. During pregnancy, especially this early on the best thing you can do for you and your baby is stay positive, make yourself happy, eat healthy and stay worry and stress free.

  • Jomama18 Hope all went ok yesterday xx

  • Hello all! Thanks for the words of encouragement! It really helped the days go by. I Had my appointment yesterday and saw my little love. Was able to hear the heart beat as well. 7 weeks and 1 day as of today. Hope you all are as doing well!

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