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Flu vaccine, aspirin, whooping cough vaccine and Anti-D

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Hi ladies,

I've got a question - at my first midwife appointment I was asked to go on aspirin (my mum had pre-eclampsia with me) to prevent it, to have a flu vaccine, to have a whooping cough vaccine (both whilst pregnant) and later found out that I am Rhesus negative - and need Anti-D injection (whilst pregnant).

Is this standard practice to offer flu and whooping cough vaccine whilst pregnant? I'm not up for taking aspirin every day, I don't think I'll need the flu jab as it's not flu season and baby due start of October, whooping cough?! and has anyone had the whooping cough or anti-d injection whilst pregnant?

Feel like you need a flipping medical degree to decide what to do with all this. I'm really healthy, like really healthy - haven't been ill in ages and I'm not really up for all these meds and vaccines unless absolutely necessary.

Any advice or experience appreciated...!

Oh first scan is tomorrow morning - can't wait and nervous - eeeek! :) Hope you are all well x

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They offered me the flu and whooping cough vaccine. I did have the flu one but was ill for weeks after so wish I hadn't of. Despite being offered the whooping cough vaccine my doctors haven't contacted me to have it so I am not going to bother. Also I was not offered aspirin and I had pre-eclampsia with my first and also currently have gestational diabetes and there is a higher risk of pre-eclampsia with that. Has to be your choice. It is standard now to offer the vaccines, wasn't 6 years ago with my youngest. I think the aspirin depends on your midwife as I've heard others have been offered it but I never have x

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Hi Katiekatie - I spoke to the doctor about aspirin and he said that it doesn't actually prevent preeclampsia in all women (it's more like a quarter), so he said he'd leave it up to me and could entirely understand if I didn't want to take it. Think I'm going to give it a miss. As I will the flu vaccine, as I'm pregnant now and due start of October, by that point it will be a new strain of flu anyway?!

Whooping cough vaccine I may have as it seems sensible and Dr reassured me he's not seen any problems with babies born to mums who have had it. Anti-D I think I'll need to go with as well, for both our safety.

When did you find out you had preeclampsia? Thanks for your response, as it's my first, I genuinely don't have a clue what is standard and what isn't! Hope you are feeling ok? x

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Hi just do what you feel most comfortable with. I was telling my midwife for weeks and weeks about visual disturbances, itching, migraines, pains in my ribs and swelling. She just didn't take anything I said seriously at all. I was also really sick in that last term. I had no clue and just trusted her as was a bit young and naive. I went into labour at 39 weeks but we both nearly died had to have an emergency c-section and I lost a lot of blood. Luckily it never happened again with any other pregnancies. I found out 12 years later!!! They have only just recently decided to tell me that's what it was all along! I bloody hate our local hospital! I wondered why my midwife came to see me after looking all sheepish!

I was put on morphine after the op and totally out of it for a good 6 hours.

It's too late for me to get the whooping cough one now. I go into hospital Sunday but you have to do what you think is best for you both. Non of my others were offered it or got it and they give them another at a few months old anyhow so I am opting out of that one x

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God that sounds really serious, what and this was preeclampsia that caused it? Crikey.

You're going in to give birth on Sunday?! Oh fantastic - hope all goes well for you and the lil' one xx

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Well it's sounds scary but when it's happening it's just happening if that makes sense. Yes it turned out to be that which was causing the labour complications. I was so swollen during labour but I never got the high blood pressure so they didn't think it was that. I think they realised during the operation. I go in for 48 hours before my op on Tuesday have to have 2 lots of steroid injections to mature her lungs and then be put on an insulin drip. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly. Thank you. Hope your scan goes well. It's so exciting when you see them for the first time x

Hi yes think it is standard practice, I had flu vaccine when I was 16 weeks and whooping cough when I was 28, I know they offer flu vaccine if your pregnant from September to February, so surprised you have been offered it now, maybe they are thinking that as baby is due in flu season might be best to offer it to you! Best of luck tomorrow, will be a great day!

Cheers Rececca - I know they said I'd have to hurry up and get vaccine if I wanted it. I'll go for whooping cough I think. Are there any side effects?

Can't wait to see lil' bean/bambino/baby tomorrow! :)

How did it go?x

Scan was great!! I genuinely thought I was going to get upset, like cry happy tears but I was just in awe of this dude/dudette!! Everything seems fine just difficult to get it into position for scans as it was on its side facing the other way lol 😁

So glad to hear that it went great! I was expecting myself to cry tears of joy but instead I was laughing (uncontrollably) so I asked lady to do all measurements etc and then just show me as it was impossible for me to stop laughing (and when I laugh the picture went on /off ) and so I laugh each time when I see the scan or listen to hearbeats. Not sure why... maybe I get a little bit too excited...x

I only had a painful arm this was from the injection rather than vaccine itself however there may be side effects which include fever, swelling in arm, headache, loss of appetite, but according to the NHS website serious side effects are extremely rare, and just read now that baby still will be vaccinated at 2 months old with it again, but I'm pleased I had it done as it protects from 28 weeks to 2 months! X

I can't answer any of your questions lol as I'm same as you first time and only 10 and a bit weeks but good luck with the scan let us all know how you get on xx

I had both whooping cough vaccine and flu last time round at the same time and will do this time too. Was absolutely fine with them, although some people can get mild flu symptoms with it. The whopping cough is suggested as there was a resurgence in whooping cough in babies <2 months before vaccination hence vaccination is thought to give a immune boost to baby.

I'd would go for all the injections but if you opt not to go for all 3 pls go for the anti-d. If you have a rhesus positive baby your body will form antibiotics against babies blood and any future pregnancies baby would be at a great risk of being attacked by your immune system so it's kind of a big deal.

Thanks, think I'm going to do anti d and whooping cough

Just feel I know nothing about all this! Thanks for your answer x

I didn't have to take Asprin but I did have all three of the injections... apart from a sore arm I didn't have any other side effects. I'm not sure you need the flu one though as it isn't flu season. The whooping cough one is more to protect your baby in the first few months of their life as it has become more common now and can be life threatening to tiny babies. And the anti D injection it to protect future pregnancies from rejection if you have a resus positive baby so is very important. Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope all is well with your scan!

I think flu vaccine and whooping cough are standard during pregnancy. I will accept them. ANTI D - I would find out if your husband/ boyfriend is Rhesus positive or negative. If you and baby's father are both negative then it is not possible for baby to be RH+ and I would decline anti d jab as it is a blood product. However if your partner is RHESUS D + then I would have the anti d to as your body could reject future RHD + babies.

Hi, I refused the flu vaccine as i had flu over Christmas (which affected my pill resulting in this little bean) and i just didnt see the point as its no longer flu season and baby is due september! I didnt get a choice with whooping cough as i have developed prenatal asthma, although they said i needed it they have not brought it up again at any of my appointments, i am assuming they either forgot or changed their mind!

I wouldnt be too worried its completely your choice and you do whats best for you and your baby! I have made a few decisions about my birth plan and vaccinations for me when baby is born that my midwife clearly doesnt agree with but its your child and your choice! Xxx

I'm also Rhesus negative and have been offered a cffDNA test to determine whether I need the Anti-D injections. The test looks at the baby's DNA in the mother's blood to see whether it is + or - as you only need Anti-D if baby is +. You could ask your midwife if you can have this - I'm getting the blood done at the 16w check-up. You don't need to get Anti-D before 28 weeks.

(FWIW I haven't been offered flu or whooping cough vaccine, and no-one has mentioned pre-eclampsia or aspirin. It seems like a bit much all at once!)

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Thanks Aprilz - I know, that's what I thought!!

I've not heard of a cffdna test, will need to look at that. Sounds like a good idea. Is that on NHS?

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Yes it is, although I couldn't find it on nhs.uk just now. I wonder if it might be a regional practice to offer it or not, but I'd think it's worth asking. I'm not that keen on the extra injections myself!

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I've never heard of it and it seems private when I search for it. I'll ask at next appointment though, thanks

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Just looking at the leaflet I was sent with the notification letter, it says "NHS Blood and Transplant is now able to offer this screening test to some hospitals in England from April 2015". I'd have thought that meant they were rolling it out across the country but maybe it's still very localised. Good luck!

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Yeah looks more private online but I'll ask anyway, no harm in asking? Thanks!

Late reply sorry. Just to say lots of babies do die from whooping cough before they are vaccinated at 8 weeks after a massive increase in the disease since 2012, the vaccine is very effective at protecting them. Babies also die of flu and won't be able to get a vaccine until they are 2years old, there are no known side effects of you having it in pregnancy and it will offer some protection for babe... not saying you should have it - only a different view to consider, as this was the reason I had it in the end.

Anti-D is essential if you are planning on having more than one baby.

Aspirin does reduce the chances of you developing pre-eclampsia, which can be a really nasty condition. I'd definitely take a small tablet once a day if it would help prevent it, if it was me. You have to do what feels right for you but have a look at the evidence and be well informed, no point beating yourself up if you did develop it and wishing you'd gone for it.

Good luck


Quick update - I went for my whooping cough vaccine two weeks ago - it's actually a triple whammy - tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough. Anti-D injection is booked in for August and I will have flu vaccine in September (after a bit of deliberation!).

Aspirin I'm not bothering with, as Dr. says it's not a guarantee you won't get it and cause of meds I'm already on. So far, so good with blood pressure - it's actually gone down a bit, not up! So super healthy BP just now, hope it will continue.

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