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Really Worried Cysts Found on my Ovaries


Turn out im not pregnant but something is wrong doctor found cysts on my ovaries but said she doesnt know whether its ploysistic ovaries or just normal cyst im really scared im only 20 years of ages and do want chidrn is i possible if i do have polysistic ovaries to get pregnant because i always wanted children and is it life threatening. she said she not saying ive definilty have it just that i to have blood tests done on friday and i will fid out tuesday or wednesday? any advice would be great

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I'm sorry this isn't the news you where hoping for. I don't know much about polysistic ovaries but I don't think it's life threatening. The best thing you can do right now is hold tight and wait for confirmation of diagnosis otherwise and if it is polycyclic ovaries the doctor will discuss the ins and outs with you

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My sister has polysystic ovaries. She was told at the age of 21 she would never have children, but guess what she has had 4!, two boys then later twins. So its not always the case that if you have that, that you cant conceive. It isnt life threatening and they told. My sister so have microginan which i know is the pill but it helps treat the symptoms of it. Lots of women have it and its comon hun. But wait for your results first, they told her she couldnt have kids and they gave her a scan too and she was pregnant at the time. So just keep your fingers crossed.


Thank you 😊


Loads of women have polycystic ovaries. You may need fertility treatment to have children in the future. Sometimes not. I know loads of women that have had kids with and without help. Don't panic. The doctors will advise you. And use protection until you're ready for kids, because pregnancy can still happen occasionally. Especially if you have a period now and again!


Thanks and me and my partner were trying to conceive and still are 😐


Hi there. Just adding my voice as a pregnant woman who actually has polycystic ovaries as well as a dermoid cyst! I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at about 16 years old, and then during a routine scan about 8 months ago I was also told that I have smallish dermoid cyst on my right ovary.

Like everyone says - try not to panic. I am surprised that your doctor didn't tell you that PCOS is not life threatening in any way! Just hang in on there till you get the results. It might be a good idea for you to write down a list of all the questions you have and ask your doctor when you have the blood test/results because it's always best to ask medical questions of doctors, not people on the internet.

As a non-expert, with experience of this situation, here is my viewpoint:

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is VERY common in young women. It comes and goes, and many specialists now think that all women have polycystic ovaries at one time or other. I know several people - myself included - who have been diagnosed with PCOS and have gone on to get pregnant and had healthy pregnancies.

If it's a dermoid cyst, rather than PCOS that is even less to worry about. There's no demonstrative effect on fertility because of those.

A friend of mine also recently had a huge ovarian cyst removed - it was big she dropped 3 dress sizes once it was out! Surgery is so advanced now that she kept both her ovaries despite the size of the cyst.

Good luck xx


So can ovarian cysts make you gain weight around the stomach area because my stomach has gotten quite big to the point where it looks like I'm pregnant.


Hiya, I'm afraid I'm

not comfortable answering that question because I'm not a doctor. X


It is unlikely to gain that much weight from an ovarian cyst. These type of cysts tend to be very small. Some cysts like dermoid cysts can be quite large but if that we the case they would have seen it on scan (and you can feel it in your pelvis). Pcos can be associated with hormone imbalances and make it harder to loose weight but in general you can still loose weight if you eat a healthy diet and exercise. So it's unlikely these cysts are the sole thing to blame.


OK thanks


Hi - I had a 1 litre cyst removed from my ovary around 2008. Yes, it was so big that it made me look pregnant by the end - I'd originally thought it was just bloating, it came on so gradually. With the operation to remove it I lost half the ovary but was still able to conceive (took me a year) - I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and no issues with the pregnancy so far, fingers crossed. Good luck!


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