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what's happening?

I have recently found out I'm pregnant. I am roughly 5 weeks pregnant. Everything has been going fine I have a doctors appointment in a week or so to have him check up on me and refer me to the hospital. Yesterday morning I started getting pains and ran to the toilet where I was bleeding a lot. The pain eased and I put on a pad and tried to rest for abit to see if it would ease, I looked later on and there was none in my pad but still was coming out of me when I was over the toilet. Today it's bleeding heavily and I have stomach pains and back ache. I don't know where to turn I'm an absolute mess, don't know whether to ring doctors or head up to A&E??Ive been reading online that people have been known to bleed a lot and for their baby still to be healthy, but I'm very panicked and don't know where to go or what to do?😔😔

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If I was in your position I would phone up for an emergency doctors appointment and go from there. They should be able to refer you to the right person. Pregnant or not heavy vaginal bleeding that is not your periods can be worrying. I hope everything turns out okay for you, sending you lots of love and I'll pray for you and your wee one xx

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I would head straight to the hospital


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