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Pink discharge at 8 weeks pregnant

I am currently 8+1 weeks pregnant. Had a scan at 7+5 showed good string hesrtbeat. But today had some cramps and a little pink discharge. I am taking progesterone pessaries twice a day. I have had 4mc's and very worried.

I still feel nauseous, tired, boobs hurting and am still peeing alot. Anyone else had pink discharge at about 8 weeks and all been ok?

Ive got a scan tomorrow but very very scared. Thanks x

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I'm at about the same point as you, I'm 9 weeks by dates but I'm actually closer to 8 weeks. I've had a lot of spotting and bleeding since about 5 weeks and have had 3 scans at the early pregnancy clinic! Saw the heartbeat on Monday after flooding on Sunday - was so convinced it was over, I was completely shocked when everything was ok! I'm still very nervous though and taking the view that at the mo things are tentatively ok. Still it's very stressful and worrying, it's taken me years and 3 major ops and nasty meds to get to this point so I know how you feel. I saw 2 doctors when I had the scan on Monday and they both said the risks drop a lot once a heartbeat is seen. Also the scans themselves (particularly if internal) can make you spot for a while after as your cervix is so sensitive etc. I've spotted the day after and today after my scan on Monday, doctors say its most likely due to the scan.

You are doing the right thing going back for another scan - really hope things are ok for you x


Dear spandex having a heartbeat is reassuring. I too have had 2 mc and just delivered a baby girl last week. I was on cyclogest in my second and third pregnancy, it's good that they will be scanning you again as they need to ascertain that the baby is growing properly. good luck and don't worry, you are being looked after properly. Sometimes bleeding in early pregnancy is common and needs to be looked at. Do let us know how did the scan go.....good luck with the bubba.


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