MMR-vaccine: Mum in need of reassurance

Hi Ladies,

My son turned 1 exactly two weeks ago, and today he is due for his next round of jabs. I know the risk of getting serious side effects is much lower than the potential harm the actual diseases can do, so there is no question for me if I should have him vaccinated. But now that he is actually due to have the jabs, I am getting really anxious something might go wrong. Therefore I would really appreciate if you mummies out there could tell me how your little one's MMR vaccines went.

Thanks so much!

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Hi newlywed,

It's important to remember many children tend to deal with vacinnes in different ways & therefore the side effects may be different too but my son who is now 5 years old just seemed to be increasingly sleepy a day or 2 after his MMR.

As he used to attend a well known childminder i knew back then she had no problem with him taking a few more naps than usual.

All in all i dont think it'll be any worse than the previous vaccines he's had.

(Just be sure you've got plenty of Calpol at home)



I delayed the mmr and when my son was just over a year he had all the symptoms for measles rash behind his ears that spread round hoods hairline. ..kolpic spots in his mouth...He was admitted to hosp and then he had a purple dot come up on his hand so they treated him

for meningitis. ... It was all the scare I needed. ..I got him vaccinated as soon as he was well. ..All children have been vaccinated and so will this lo... They can be a bit unsettled but nothing major ive ever noticed x


l read this online today saying there is absolutely no link between childhood vaccinations and autism. Think it was on the daily mail website. ?. Might be worth a look? I will without doubt be having my son vaccinated at 12 months xx


Thanks so much for your replies, ladies! Mummymummy, glad to hear your son fully recovered - I can imagine how scary it must have been!

I know the benefits outweigh the risks by far, and not having the vaccine was never an option for us. I never believed this autism-study, it's more other side effects like seizures and so on which scare me. That's why I was after some my-child-was-fine stories. Thanks for providing some! :)


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