Now this is a weird one!

Noticed today that one of my little ones hands was quite red looking and really warm to the touch compared to his other hand. ..I left it for a few hours and kept an eye on it right is see how it was when I got back from the school run showed my daughter and asked her which hand she thought looked redder and she said his right one which was right so called the dr got to take him in but how strange is that? I'm worried it's something to do with circulation dr said he would of thought I'd be worried about the colder hand but to me that's normal like his feet are always a bit colder.... maybe he is just having a weird day?

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  • Has he been chewing the warmer one?

  • Very strange :-\ prob nothing but glad you getting lil man checked out :-) let us know how you get on xx

  • How strange? Can't really think of anything that it could be? Good luck at Dr's, let us know how you get on xx

  • Just thinking..does he have a temperature?x

  • Is there amy chance something got wrapped around his wrist then came loose? I saw something the other day about a little girl that got a bit of loose cotton that was in her sock wrapped around her toe and it went all hot red and puffy as the circulation was restricted for a while. Took several hours for it to go down! X

  • Is this not normal? Sam often has a warm hand and a cold one (a warm hand will be redder btw). Mum said we were the same. So I've never worried! Really noticeable at 4am - I figured he must hold one arm closer to his body than the other!

    Interested to know what the GP says, but unlikely cellulitis in a baby. Hope he's ok xx

  • No he is really mottled as well dr just said he thinks it's his inability to maintain his temperature? .u can really tell the difference but dr says he is ok so I'm just keep an eye on him still worrying thou

  • The mottling may be cutis marmorata - it's the skin version of the juddery chin while feeding thing they do - result of thir immature nervous system. I'll see if I can find a picture. X

  • Thanks has put my mind at rest now :)

  • Is that what it looks like?

    Babies scare the crap out if me 99/100 the problem is benign, it's that 1% that scares me! I used to hate covering paeds A&E unless it was a hot day (when it's all fractures and minor head injuries!) - the number of babies I kept in the obs bay for 4h to make sure their simple viral illness was definitely a simple viral illness was quite high ;-p

  • Yeah on his arms and body. I know so scary x

  • There's a pict on this site:

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