Count Down Begin's (Due Date 30th November) :-) x

Count Down Begin's (Due Date 30th November) :-) x

Well I'm officially counting down the days now :-). Only have next week left in work and then my maternity leave will start and then its just a waiting game for my little man to make his appearance. My colleagues in work all have a sweep Stake going as to when i will give birth, some have gone as late as 9 December which i really hope i don't have wait that long. This is my first baby and a boy which been told boys tend to be early which i really hope is true.I've posted picture of me 34weeks pregnant, obviously bump has grown since then but everyone keep telling me i have a cute little bump, but midwife keeps telling me I'm right on size so I'm not worried :-).

Anyways i'll stop rambling on now. Anyone else Due around 30th November??


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  • I've had my baby....but just wanted to say good luck :-) I was a week overdue with my little boy, hope yours gets a wriggle on haha

  • I dont wanna scare you or anything but my boy was almost 2wks late when I was pregnant with him in 2008

    But Ive now just had a baby girl who was born at 39+5 wks so you just can't predict it at times ( these babies come when they're good & ready) but hopefully not too delayed :)

    Good luck!

  • Hey. Im due 22nd Nov with my first baby, a little girl :-). And it can't come quick enough. 2wks to go. I thought id get loads done at home but this week I'm so incredibly tired :-) where's this burst of energy your supposed to get near the end? ???

    Its so good when you finish work. Good luck xxx

  • You look fab! My bump wad so neat and tidy!! Perfect round ball, literally like I had a football up my top!! About 9 together women at work were pregnant at the same time! They all openly admitted they were envious of my bump! I actually kind of miss it!! My son was born bang on 39 weeks but most people thought I'd be earlier!

  • aww i think I'm just so excited to meet him i don't want to wait any longer but i know he will come when he's good and ready :-). It's really getting hard to get up in the morning for work now, mainly cause I'm not sleeping as well in the night anymore so I'll be glad when i can just lay in. Where i work i've only ever know one other girl to be pregnant and i've been working here 7 years, but in the last couple week another 2 girls are now pregnant lol so i think i may have started something or as everyone is saying there's something in the water this year as everybody seems to be having babies.

    i shall let you all know when he arrives :-) x

  • I'm due on the 27th, expecting a boy as well!! and I'm so excited, like you I hope my little one isn't late. x

  • How exciting. Not long and u look great. I had my son in September and he was 3 days late. Make the most of them lay ins when u get them..I hav forgotten what a lie in is like..8 weeks and 7am is a lay in lol. Do u hav a name for ur little man? Take care xx

  • Hi I'm Pretty set on the Name Kayden :-), unless i see him and think something different. xx

  • I'm due 3rd of December, little big aswell! Pulling my hair out I'm so bored! So desperate to meet our little man but know he will come when he's good and ready :) but these last few weeks feel like they are dragging by!x

  • I'm due 29th November and expecting a boy too! Also our first baby! I finished work at 35 weeks and time seems to have stood still since then! Like the rest I'm praying he comes soon! Good luck everyone xx

  • Lots of little boys coming into the world x

  • Its nice to hear other little boys are being born, i thought the girls were taking over as all my friends who have had babies all been girls. I'm the only one having a boy xx

  • Oh hun! Gudluck I'm due on the 30th as well expecting a boy bt hey I'm always constipated now and I can't sleep, sometimes I even battle when I'm walking coz he presses my nerves and it feels like he want to pop out! Can't even be intimate anymore as I'm always tired and don't have appertite always making excuses! I'm happy for u gal, seems as if you still got your groove!

  • Ahh what a lovely name. I knew what I was having but we still cudnt decide until he was few mins old. Back in sept on here when my little man was born there were a lot of boys being born. I packed and re packed my bag 3/4 times..I had it in my car frm bout 38 weeks so was with me all time. X

  • I'm due on 29th November but we don't know what we're having. Getting really nervous now as planning a natural birth at the Birth Centre but also really eager to find out if I have a son or daughter - can't wait!! Just need to finish packing my hospital bag...

  • Aww this being my 1st baby i had to know what i was having so i could be prepared. I've been trying to do my hospital bag for about 3 weeks now but think I'll have to get it done this weekend as probably pushing my luck now lol. I'm also going to my birth center as everything has been nice and straight forward in my pregnancy hoping the labour will be too :-).

  • I'm going to get mine sorted this weekend too, just in case! Also got to finish my birth plan, though I know what I wanna put in it, just need to get on and do it! Can't believe it's nearly time now, it's gone so quickly! Ah best of luck with everything and hope your birth goes how you'd like it to x

  • Good Morning, my little man is 8 weeks today and like you and all mums to be, meticulously planned my hospital bag, thought about birth plan etc. The truth is I over packed, I was short on knickers as you night change these nearly as often as your maternity pad. I got the sister in law to buy me some more cheap Tesco's ones on her way up to see us. If I were to do it again, I would prob pack lighter and what I don't have the OH can bring in. I think as well it was ready from about 37/38 wks but kept tinkering with it and rechecking it! It became obsessive as in I must have forgotten something!

    Birth Plan....what's that?? No one spoke about mine and I had no chance to exercise it neither as i ended up being induced. Go in with an open mind, think about how would like 'like' it to go, your pain relief options but at the end of it all, you will just wish for you to cope and have a healthy baby :-) During my delivery I kept saying, I don't want an Episotomy! And I have no idea why! Totally bizarre, always decided we'll do what we have to do and I did just that, gas and air from fully dilated and even then I had to hold back as was slowing my contractions...go with it girls that's my advice :-) and focus on holding your truly is one of life's miracles xx

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