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Help needed :(

I have not been on here for a while now but find myself needing i wont say advice as i know that i can only be the one to make this decision but maybe support? or just to get it out, I have 4 children 2 teens and a 2 yr old and a 3 month old, after my 2 yr old i had 2 miscarriages so was worried about my pregnancy with my last one but the pregnancy went fine it was the labour that was the nightmare i would say whatever could go wrong possibly did i was a week late so had a sweep which worked :) i stayed at home as long as possible where my waters broke well some of them, i noticed it was discoloured the baby had had a bowel movement so was slightly worried but all was going well midwife showed no concerns then there was a dip in heart rate but nothing major then the head came out and what seemed like all hell broke loose emergency alarm was pulled and lots of people came in cause the babys shoulders were stuck eventually after alot of pulling and pushing they wisked him off he wasnt breathing i didnt know what was going on but thankfully after a while they fetched him in and he was fine phew i had to have stitches cause i was cut to assist the baby and was so sore when i got home i couldnt walk or move for days but little man was absolutley fine, now i find myself pregnant again i did not at all want any more but dont think i could do anything else but progress the pregnancy, i would normally speak to my sister about this stuff but she is going through her own pregnancy issues shes wanted another one for so long but it seems it may not be viable which is so sad so i have no one else that wont criticise to tell all this to its going to be such hard work having another one so soon

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Hiya :) Firstly have you spoke to your partner about your news?

Secondly the only thing I can suggest is to perhaps go to the pregnancy advice centre to talk about your feelings and options. They may be able to give you some information on support groups with other mums in the same position as you? Sorry I couldn't be much more help :/ x


I agree with EmBee. If you talk to your partner and tell him how you feel,all your worries i'm sure he'll understand.i know its so soon and cant enjoy your baby cos you gonna have another on the way very soon. My friend had 3children age 9,5,3 and she got pregnant with twins.she says its a hard job but she wouldnt have any other way and with the help of her family she manages really to someone from family centre and whatever you decide its gonna be the right choice for you x


I also agree with Embee pregnancy advice centre will have someone you can talk things through with in confidence and may help you reach a decision. Unfortunatly no one can tell you what to do hun you and your partner may seem very overwhelmed by this but am sure you will reach the decision that is right for you. Try not to make a decision based on what you think others would do or agree with....this is your life and you have to do what is right for you. Wish I could be more help, good luck xxxx


I agree with all the ladies above. This is a highly personal decision that you should make with your partner.

Are you scared of having another bad birthing experience and that is holding you back from wanting this baby? Not all births are the same (as I'm sure u know being a mother of 4 beautiful children) so please dont let that fear engulf u.

No one can make these decisions but u and ur partner and I'm sure whatever u decide will be the best option. Although ur sister is gonig through a hard time herself, she may be more upset that u felt u couldnt come to her with this. May be worth mentioning it on a smaller scale. Good luck xx


Like u say u cos not see urself not progressing with the pregnancy... so u have made ur decision Yes major shock but ur get thru it. I got pregnant with my second 6 months after having my first and that was a shock but although it's hard work u will feel like u have had twins u will be ok having teenagers is a help and ur have a 2 year old who will be starting nursery then have a little one at home with u... Yes it will be hard work but not much harder than it is already good luck :)


Thanks all my partner is a supportive person and will be there with whatever I decide its just scary with having a bad birth and so close together but I will go to a pregnancy advice centre as suggested and take it from there I know there is women out there who bring up kids close together or have twins triplets ect and do an amazing job but I must admit I don't know how they do it I struggle sometimes with all the day to day stuff plus looking after/entertaining kids u have my admiration xx


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