41+2 weeks and feeling so anxious! and so disappointed with my midwife! any advice how to keep calm? anyone been trough this before?

Hello everyone,

I m reading this forum from the beginning of my pregnancy in January and most of the times found it more useful then my midwife!

Anyway I m here now, for the first time posting as I m just so worried going to much overdue and my midwife seems so disorganized in booking my induction . She left it for too late and now there is only room in hospital (as is all booked) to have an induction on next wednesday.I will be 42 weeks by then and by the policy of hospital I m does an induction at 40+12 and I will be 40+14 by Wednesday. I m so disappointed with my midwife ,so many time she has not done all the routine checks like she should,always seems to be in a rush and even today about the urine sample she was not curios as she said" don't need that anymore as u not likely to get diabetes from now on" and she laugh. but really is only the diabetes they checks from the urine sample? she also did not measured my bumb today.she did listen to the baby hart beats at least and thank God she seems to be happy and wriggling around! And then she says if baby stop moving u need to go to hospital...but if this happen how can u be sure u get in time enough for them to be able to do something if things do go wrong??!!

I m worried as I know there are more risks going to much overdue and I can't do anything about it as they won't take me in to induce or C section just because I want! I m for a natural birth , but for the sake of my baby I will go trough 3 C section at once only to know she is getting out safe!!

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  • If u are not happy then u need to speak to the midwife dept and ask to speak to a senior midwife and say u are not happy. ... or u can ring the hospital and ask to speak to ur consultant secetary and explain everything. ..your consultant name should be in ur notes ring them on Monday x

  • just had a look again trough my notes ,but I have not got a consultant name anywhere! and really .there is only her name and than at primary care is my Gp name and contact phone no. I always meet her at gp surgery,they only do consultation on fridays there and I don't know where she works the other days of the week. It happen other times I went for the routine checks during pregnancy, there was other midwifes too ,is like a group of midwifes and then they just ask u in like in a drop in clinic,u don't even need appointment. I was very happy with the other one ,always paid attention to my concerns and checking everything carefully. I was hoping that I will have the chance by the end of pregnancy to meet one of the others midwifes too,but very unlucky,like today it was only her there! or I should speak with surgery manager ? I will have to do some searching over this weekend....but thank you for reply!xx

  • Ring ur hospital where u are having ur baby and ask to speak to community midwife dept there they can check who ur consultant is or u can ask to talk senior midwife about ur worries x

  • Hi yoyo, please don't worry too much - even though it does sound like your midwife is not great at communicating with you and has missed out on the basic checks today you are still the best judge of whether things are okay with your baby. It is not something to dwell on but the question of detecting reduced movement and getting help 'in time' is there throughout pregnancy and for most of the time only the pregnant woman herself can monitor that. If you are feeling plenty of movement your baby is letting you know she is fine and if you have any concerns about changes in her movements you can contact the hospital any time.

    As for the induction date there is no additional risk to your baby until AFTER the 42 week point and then the risk (of the placenta failing etc) is only slightly more. As you are booked for induction at that point the fact that the hospital normally books women two days before doesn't matter much - the risk level is the same anyway. Babymother is right though - if you feel that you are not being listened to and that you are not being cared for in a satisfactory way you can feed that back to a supervisor of midwives at the hospital, although you are near the 'big day' and meeting your baby your feedback might help someone else.

    I do just wonder too, if you are feeling a sudden attack of anxiety and panic which is out of character for you, it's just possible that it's because your baby is about to make an appearance... it always seems to happen like that for me! Try to take it easy and relax - it wont be long until you meet her one way or another and it pays to be kind to yourself and get some rest before she arrives. All the best.

  • You will only have a named consultant if you under consultant led care - if you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy you would ordinarily be under midwife led care. Midwives are the expert in straightforward pregnancy and birth, consultants are there for when things aren't straightforward and you would be shifted to them if a problem arose. The Supervisor of Midwives for the group of community midwives you are under is probably the best person to contact if you can.

  • I agree with NanKing. Try not to worry, babies have their own timing and as you would prefer a natural birth at least you have to opportunity to go into spontaneous labour. Due dates tend to be for the benefit of the medical profession to plan the end of your pregnancy rather than you and baby. After all they have so many other women to deliver too, my local unit delivers about 10 babies a day!

    Take each day as it comes, and enjoy what time you have left while you can before you baby finally arrives :)

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