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Feeling better... at 15 weeks

Well, a big thank you to everyone who said hang in there.... I'm finally feeling a bit better.

I'm now at 15 weeks and apart from already being HUGE I'm feeling much much better. Thankfully they also discovered I had severe anemia so the iron pills helped with the sickness. Also I'm now seeing about a million people for the mental health side of things so I'm hoping that that will get better too. The sickness is also better, although I did manage to throw up dinner last night, but apart from that I haven't felt queasy for a whole 5 days... result!

And at 15 weeks my fear of miscarrying is less, although after the first three miscarriages, I don't think I'll feel completely safe till Clumpy has been born safe and sound. Sigh... only another 6 months to go!

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You sound Cheery. :-) It is great you are feeling better and more positive. xx


Im so glad you're feeling a lil better! I had sickness throughout all my pregnancies.....worth it in the end xx


Woo hoo, that's great news :) xXx


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