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Phantom kicks

I know it sound weird but yesterday i could feel something moving in my belly and it was pulsing in one freaked me out!Isn’t that crazy? I know people will say “it’s just gas” – but I can assure you that it’s not. It’s not the same sensation. This is like a quick little flick in different places.Sort of like a muscle twitch or spasm.Am I the only one? Is it some sort of nerve thing having to do with my c-section? Or could my uterus still be contracting or spasming?I hope to hear something to the effect of “that’s normal! I get them too!” although I’m fully prepared to hear “huh? there must be an alien in there because that never happens to me.” And if anyone has any scientific explanation I’d love to hear why this phenomenon occurs, at least to some of us.

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Only a theory, but could it be spasm or contraction of ur uterus returning to its natural state? Maybe its still transitioning back to normal and ur feeling similar sensations to when baby kicked. This is my first baby so I have no idea if what ur experiencing is normal or not, but that would be my guess xx


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