4D scans?

debating wether to get a 4D scan or wondering if its a waste of money. we arent loaded and they can be quite pricey.... i was just wondering if anyone has had one and what was it like? im 30+2 and i just want to see the little one again! been having worries over the past few weeks that he isnt growing properly and i just want too be able to physicaly see him! and im wondering who hes going to look like more :P haha x


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  • I would of loved to have got one there is one in harley St London for around £100.. or look on Groupon for deals like that x

  • im from north wales, gota find one around here. some pics that ive seen look really creepy but some look ok, im scared that we could spend £100 odd to see some sort of alien like picture haha......

  • It does look a bit weird but gives u a good look at what ur baby gets up to in the womb something to look at in years to come. .. Be funny to show ur little one when they are bigger :) Google 4d scans in Wales and it should give u some info and prices

  • If you have the money then go for it....I personally think they r a bit creepy looking and friends tht have had one when I see the pics they look the same. Its personal choice and I can see reasons for wanting one but I would just rather put my money into something else. X

  • I had one and the baby was fine and growing healthy! Definitely keeping it to show him (it's a he! found out yesterday) when he grows up.


  • I had one of there for both my pregnancies, basically,because I'm a worrier! but anyway I would describe them as expensive mind settlers!! The first time I had one we got really rubbish pics but I knew he was absolutely fine so it was worth the money and the second one we had to attend twice as he was in the wrong position but on the second visit we got to see much more of him and again I knew he was perfect and could relax. I had mine at 25 weeks , If I was as far gone as you I would probably wait now and save the money but if you do decide to go for it, the joy is at the time of the scan and seeing it real time rather than the pics which can be a let down,

  • Where do you live? there is a place in Milton Keynes called Humpty Bumpty that are really reasonable and have a discount code for 10% off (Social).

    Haven't booked one yet, they freak me out a little bit

  • I had one at 28 weeks in Telford (although, we didn't have to pay and I know they do some good package deals). It was such a strange but amazing experience to see his face and expressions. Definitely look around for special offers and groupons tho - We would have paid if we weren't offered a free one. Also, we were told best time to get one was 28-32 weeks x

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