Low lying placenta at 20week scan

Hi all! This is my first post on here as I kind of need a bit of reassurance. Had my 20 week scan today & all was well with baby thankfully. But my placenta looked to be a little low, but couldn't be sure as baby's head was blocking the view. Another scan has been booked for when I'm 36weeks to double check the position. If it is low/hasn't moved out of the way, a c section could be on the cards- needless to say I'm a little scared! Has anyone had this & what was the outcome? This is my first baby so all very new xx

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  • Hiya. Had exactly the same. Had a scan at 34 weeks to check and it had moved :-) apparently it's quite a common thing to happen so they not to worry :-) it's got plenty of time to move

  • Thank you for replying :) I was fine when I left the hospital, just thought "hey, it's just a precaution, nothing to worry about" but now I'm sat at home my mind is wandering & panic set in!

  • No probs :-) I remember feeling the same when they first told me about mine. I wasnt aware that it happens quite often and most of the time rectified itself. It's weird when having your first baby isn't it! Everything is so alien

  • Exactly! Even though I've seen all my friends go through this it's not even a little bit the same. Thank goodness for this forum. I've been noseying at what everyone has been up to for the past 2 weeks now and knew exactly where to come with my question knowing that with so many different people with different experiences, my mind would be put at rest :)

  • Me too :) Mine is/was completely covering the cervix; I'm going back at 32 weeks (in 4 weeks) for another scan to see if it's moved. If it hasn't, then another scan at 36 weeks will be done. I also had an internal scan at my 20 week to confirm if it was covering.

    I actually saw my obstetrician today - he had a trainee with him so he was explaining the placenta positions to him. He said that about a 3rd of women have low lying placenta at the 20 week stage; about half of them will find that the placenta has moved at a later scan so while it is fairly common, only a small amount of women will have this at term.

  • That's reassuring- thank you :) let me know how you get on! Not a lot was explained really, and google just scares you even more! Oh well, at least I get 1 more scan in before baby arrives

  • Hey, mine was fine but my friends wasn't and hers moved as predicted so just sit tight for now & don't worry, they do move as the baby grows, don't know how but they do and if yours doesn't they will still ensure safe delivery via a c-section (that scares the beejjeezers out of me too but as long as baby is delivered safely we will do anything at that point) xx

  • Thank you, feeling much better today & it seems less of a big deal now that I know it's quite common xxx

  • My placenta was also low at 20 week scan, so i had another scan booked for when im 32 weeks, and im 32 weeks tomorrow, scan on friday. Mine was only just in the way so they were quite positive in saying it would most likely move. Glad to hear ur not so worried today, thats what this site is great for, lovely ladies and reassurance! Keep us posted, not doubt i will post something about my scan on friday (which will be my forth scan :O ) all the best :) x

  • Thank you, I will definitely be sure to post- but December just seems so far away!! Didn't help that I was sat in all on my lonesome with no one to talk to about it. Let me know how you get on tomorrow :) good luck xx

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