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Bad day :(

Hello lovely ladies :) hope you are all doing well. What a day I've had, I just feel like I've had a total downer day :( I managed to over do it today ( my own fault) doing far to much and now my back is in absolute agony and I feel like I can't move!! My partner usually works offshore but he is now working at home but works 7 days a week, 12 hours a day so I understand that he is really tired but I feel like I never get to spend time with him! What dosent help is I'm not working just now as im unable to due to suppose to be on bed rest. My days feel like they combine into each other to the point I can't remember what day it is! I get up, do the horses, clean the house, make the dinner, watch telly and go to bed! Everyone is at work so I spend my days mostly alone (with the dog who is being a total nightmare today!!)and I don't really get a word out of my partner when he gets home as he is so tired. I just feel like it's the same thing day in day out and I don't feel like I get appreciated for anything I do! I feel forgotten about! And I don't even feel excited about what's to come today :( I'm 25+1 and my pregnancy has been a total nightmare from the start with different things going wrong and have now got heartburn so bad. To add to it my cousin who has a son of her own is trying to buy me everything for my little one! which i know i shouldnt moan about and should be greatful for but shes picking everything to her taste and she is not letting me decide what i want! i feel i should have the right to pick what i want for my little one! she is even trying to design my nursery! this is my first little one, she already has a son but unfortunatley cant have any more kids. she keeps saying things like "if i had another one, this is what i would of had". i am very greatful but i feel overwhelmed and would like to buy and choose for myself!! I'm sorry for the massive downer of a post but I do feel a bit better getting it off my chest! Hope everyone is well :) x

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One of those days, what a shame :( ive had a few of those over the past few months. Sorry to hear your feeling a bit neglected by your partner, but another way to look at it, is hes doing all this for your little family. I guess you just have to try and make the most of the little time you have together, before its bedtime and another day! Maybe just have a little chat just so he knows how u feel. He might also feel like hes missing out on your growing bump. So i would say its always worth a chat.

And your cousin, i can only suggest the same again! Talk to her before u explode! Make sure she knows u appreciate all that shes done/doing but at the end of the day, u want to make the final decisions as its your child, and your first child at that. There is no need for you to feel guilty that she cant have any more children. And no matter how much she tries to take charge, this isnt her child.

And dont be sorry for having a bad day, its just one of those things, and thats what this site is for, to vent. You should see a couple of my older posts. Hormones make it all the more intense!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow :) x


Oh Hun hope tmw is a better day for u...hard one about ur cousin. . But U have be honest say things like yeah that's nice but I like this better or I prefer that personally.. or just no I don't like that and hopefully she will start to get the message... my mum is the same she means well but it drives me mad I have to be honest and say I dint want to hurt ur feelings but ask me first Pls cos if I don't like it I don't want u to waste ur money.


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