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please help

i would love to hear from someone whos been in a similar situation. my period is two weeks late although i had some bleeding (much lighter than a regular period and only for one day) about 3 weeks ago. i have done several home tests but they have all come back negative. i feel like im pregnant, i have heavy sore breasts, uncomfortable bloated lower abdomen and cramps and feel dizzy, tired, sick, you name it! i have read some comments on line from other women who have had negative home tests and been pregnant. does anyone know the best way to have pregnancy confirmed in these cases. i went to the doctor but she was very unhelpful and reluctantly agreed to a blood test which i will have next week. she told me to wait 2 weeks more but as you can imagine this has been playing on my mind for weeks and as i would now be 6 weeks pregant (if I am) i think i should be able to find out now! any advice you could give me would be great, i just feel like no one understands. when i tell my friends the tests were negative they say you're not pregnant then. but i know how i feel and its so frustrating! i just want it confirmed and if im not then where's my period? sorry to ramble but i needed to get this out, thanks again :)

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Hi Kirsty, what home tests have you used? The most accurate is the Clear Blue digital one which tells you how far along you are. If your period is two weeks late, but you had a bleed for one day about 3 weeks ago, that could be what they call an implantation bleed.

I first took a home pregnancy test about 7 days after my period was due and it did appear to be negative; I took another a few days later which also appeared negative but I did a Clear Blue at about 10 days and it did tell me I was 1-2 weeks pregnant. It was a double pack so I did do the other one a few days later which then showed me at 2-3 weeks (I'm now coming up to 15 weeks).

The best time to do the test is your first wee of the day as it has the most hormones in it.

The doctors don't usually do blood tests to confirm a pregnancy these days as the home tests are usually very accurate - Clear Blue are the most recommended (but a bit more expensive but worth it in my opinion).

Good luck :)


Ring the receptionist a few days after ur blood test they should be back mine usually come back really early xx



I'd be surprised if you have all of those symptoms only 2 weeks late, if I'm honest.

I'm 8 weeks and I still don't have sore boobs; don't feel sick and not dizzy.

However, to be sure use Clearblue -my GP said they're as accurate as the ones they use. I used one when I was 4 days late and it was positive. If you ARE 6 weeks then I don't understand why your HCG levels wouldn't register.

Good luck.


Dizziness and sore boobs were my first symptoms - that was before my period was due. The sore boobs can often be a symptom of your period coming but I never suffered from that.

Like I explained in my first post above, a couple of the first tests I did at 7 and 10 over (which would have been 6 weeks from my LMP) appeared negative but following the Clear Blue test it was clear I was positive.

If you haven't yet, get the Clear Blue x


Thanks for your reply Hun I am going to get the clear blue test tommorow and do it Tuesday morning so fingers crossed! If not I will have my blood test that day anyway and see if that can shes some light on the situation


I am suprised that you blood test will take that long to come back. They can be so unhelpful sometimes. I hadn't had a period for 14 weeks and I did a test and it was negative and my docs reluctantly took bloods off me and the results came bac the next day, I phoned and spk to the receptionist who said all my results had come back normal which I thought was strange as still didn't understand why I had not had a period. Booked a doc app to see a diff doc the week later as it was starting to get me down and she looked at my bloods results on the computer and my hcg levels were at 2000 which were not normal so took more bloods and they had gone up to 20,000 in a week. You have just got to persist with them as some seem to lack the duty of care for patients.

I didn't have any early pregnancy signs with this pregnancy so if I had not have rang back I would still be none the wiser that I was pregnant as I am still in normal clothes and I am 18w 4days.


Sorry I meant that she said I should wait 2 more weeks to see if I get my period. I should have blood test on Tuesday and hopefully get the results within a few days.


Thanks for your reply its good to hear someone else has had a negative result when actually pregnant. Isn't it frustrating when the doctors don't take u seriously! Glad it all worked out for you :)


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