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Anxious! Placenta previa

So I've hit 33 weeks and still at home which is good.

Had a growth scan last week and baby is looking good so that's one less thing to worry about.

I still have major placenta previa and they are suspecting that my placenta has attached itself to my wall of my uterus. I had an MRI on Friday and get the results tomorrow.

Feeling really anxious and emotional today, this time tomorrow it'll all be over with and I'll know exactly what the plan is for me. I'm hoping to stay out of hospital as long as possible. I'm so worried about leaving my other children for an indefinite amount of time. I'm hoping to get a specific plan and date tomorrow and hoping that the consultant understands that my kids need this as well as us for child care arrangements!

Just needed to get it all off my chest, will keep you up to date



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So will you have to have a C-section? If they give you a date for a section (if that is what they plan) they surely they will let you be at home rather than keep you in if you dont need to be. It is more stressful as you want to spend as much time now with your children before the new arrival comes, bet they are excited.


Ah try not to think about it too could be good news but can imagine that ur feeling anxious pls let us know how you get on and fingers crossed that u don't spend too much time in hosp xx


Yes planned section, which even without placenta previa I was planned section anyway due to 2 previous sections and a neo natal death.

I'm hoping they'll let me stay at home but they did warn me that I was likely to need several weeks in hospital prior to delivery. I can guarantee that I'll be more anxious in hospital than home!

At the end of the day I'll do whatever is best for me and baby just hoping that they let me stay at home til section xx


Hi there

Just wanted to mention that a friend of mine had a placenta praevia and gave birth by c-section a few weeks ago, and was absolutely fine. They booked her in for a c-section about two weeks after she met with the consultant, and it all went very smoothly. In fact, her husband thought that the procedure was "infinitely preferable" to her first two natural deliveries! I know everyone's different, but she didn't have to stay in hospital for any longer than you would with a normal c-section. All the best xx


Hope your MRI results are good, and that you do 't have placenta acretia. Hope you get your definitive plan too xxx


I hope it all goes well for you. I remember the 1st couple of blogs you submitted on this forum and i remember thinking i would feel absolutely emotional & nervous it this was happening to myself so its fine dont feel guility for having a good moan! :-)


Keep us posted & good luck.


Thank you, that has made me feel better. I have such a complicated history as well it doesn't help.

I just keep thinking this time tomorrow I'll hopefully know what's going on and can move on and focus on meeting this precious little one.

I'll update tomorrow once I get home.

Thanks again Abenaa,

Sarah x


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