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Hi everyone I've had two previous pregnancies and both were normal throughout no complications etc. I was never tested for GBS in them. 6 years ago and 4.5 years ago. Today I'm possibly facing being tested at my doc app. I'm allergic to penicillin /Erythromycin and amoxicillin. I'm worried being allergic to other antibiotics and becoming ill after baby is born. Should or can I refuse this test based on my last two births? What are your thoughts...

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  • I had group b so have had antibiotics in all pregnancies... I've got stickers all over the pages in my Blue book. .Have u read about the effects it can have on the baby? Pretty devastating. .. What have u done in the past if u have had an infection? If this is the case then if u were tested and was positive maybe they could give the baby antibiotics when it's born. ...? X

  • Im not aware really of this GBS until doc mentioned it recently. I'm wondering why I wasn't tested in the previous pregnancies. Luckily I've never had to face antibiotics other than developing a throat infection and then taking the above antibiotics and finding out I'm allergic to them. So if I get anything now doctors find it very difficult in treating the diagnosis. I simply avoid antibiotics. Ill discuss the possibility of treating baby instead of myself if that's the outcome. ... I have a question though... When I delivered my second I remember the midwife pouring a solution down there, she said doing the clean... Does this happen all the time?

  • Not that I'm aware maybe she thought she would clean u up a bit? Must be hard for you being allergic! There are other antibiotics. .. I'm allergic to penicillin but can take one that is in the penicillin group can't remember What its called now. . You may not even have group b but personally I'd Def have the test if theyare offering it women who have lost their babies thru this are campaigning awareness and to have the test done as rountine.. But it's a hard one as u could have the test as 36 weeks and be clear but then get group b at 38 weeks. .. so its a difficult one in that respect. .. All the best let me know how u get on xx

  • My hospital does not test for this, I asked but they said nope! I will be ordering a private test it's costs £35

  • What happens when you take these antibiotics? Is it a true, full blown anaphylactic reaction or a side effect (upset tummy, diarrhoea, nausea, thrush, etc)?

    Even if true allergies, there are penicillin like alternatives which may be prescribed on a risk/benefit analysis (cephalosporins and carbapenems), not to mention completely unrelated compounds (generally not as hard core, but work).

    My neice was born with GBS septicaemia and meningitis, spending her first two weeks of life on NICU (this was in the US, and the bill was eye watering!) - horrible disease when you consider it's entirely preventable.

  • We discussed this and the test will be done on next visit so around 36/37 weeks in two to 3 weeks. I'm allergic to many other things as well as antibiotics. Ie fabric plasters latex lavender and crab. I'm very sensitive and the worst reaction was severe swelling on my upper body it was like nettle rash inflamed horrible to go through. So I avoid. My doctor said she would prescribe an alternative but we shall see the outcome of a test first. So I'm happy to do that. X

  • I was not specifically tested for this, but its on my files I dont know how - but maybe it was because I had a UTI in my first trimester (so I think they found it in my Urine culture, I think so) - I am not allergic to antibiotics so I would be taking them during labor (but I also remember my mid-wife saying that if you are allergic they can do something else with the baby).

    I would say -definitely take the test as GBS is not uncommon but can be devastating for new born. And you can decide after the test result what your options are. I hope you have seen the NHS advise page for this

  • I have GBS.. was ok for my first pregnancy but somehow was found after my second miscarriage. I also have huge yellow stickers all over my maternity notes but im also allergic to Penicillin.. not sure what antibiotics i will get but im certainly taking anything.. also advised to make my way to hospital the second im in labour.. no waiting around at home!!

    I would without doubt get tested if you have a choice.. you might not have it anyway but for the sake of the health of baby i would. xx

  • I had group B strep after the birth of my son. Now 2 years later I tested negative and have not to have the antibiotic during labour, I don't really feel to good about not getting it as I know it can come back at any time!

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