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A little question!


Hey girls!

As some of you may have read from my blog post, i had my 12 week scan this week, and although everything was great with baby (phew!!) my womb / cervix (sorry didnt listen properly due to shock!) was showing as being too low. The doctor was able to rectify this with an internal, but decided to put like a rubber ring in as well, to encourage it to stay in that position. I have to go in to get it removed in 7 weeks. Has anyone on here had any experience of this?? Can you just go on as normal with it? Apparently it happens to 25% of women. Thanks

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I've never heard of a womb being to low but tilted yes. I'm sure they have done the correct thing with the ring to help uterus come forwards. :-) mine is tilted internals are very awkward but yet this is my. Third pregnancy and I've delivered normal each time so don't worry as baby gets bigger the uterus moves up and out of the pelvis they have just give you a helping hand. Xxx

The pessary ring should help keep everything in check for now - you may need a cervical stitch if the position of your cervix and the weight of the baby put too much strain I. Things, but sometime the ring is all that is neededxx

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