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Update on my Christmas blessing....... My twin grand babies due sometime in May.

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Well we just found out this past week that the Twin grandbabies that my oldest son and his wife are expecting are identical twin boys! Look out, here comes Double Trouble! It's amazing what a blood test can show! Fancy59.

26 Replies
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How exciting!! 🎉 I'm so happy for you and your family 🥰🥰

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Sagesewer in reply to kdali

congrats!! How exciting!🥳😊

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Fancy59 in reply to Sagesewer

Thanks for the congratulations! Fancy59.

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Oh Fancy, that’s fantastic news. As you say, double trouble, double mischief. Enjoy. My youngest sons wife is expecting a baby February 4th. He got to tell his dad before Neil passed that he was going to be a grandad again. They want a surprise when it is born as to boy or girl, the old fashioned way. 🤗

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mrsmike9 in reply to jimeka

Ooo...that's coming up! Hopefully this tiny new life will help lift your spirits!

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Fancy59 in reply to jimeka

Thank you Jimeka. I think we can both agree it's gonna be Double Trouble.....👶👶! Congrats on your grandbaby to be also. It will be here before you know it. I am so glad that Neil got to find out he was gonna be a grandpa again before he went through the pearly gates.😇 Fancy59.

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Hey Fancy, many many congratulations!

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Fancy59 in reply to Sandydemop

Thank you very much for your double congratulations! Fancy59.

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nice!! Congratulations 🎉

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Wonderful news! Congratulations to your family. Time to go shopping 🛒 😉

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Congratulations, Fancy! They say boys are easier, less drama than girls, just harder to keep alive. 🤣 Send pictures when they get here.

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mrsmike9 in reply to Mollyabigail

I've heard that but it wasn't true in my house! 😄

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Congrats! Great grands are even more fun than the grands!

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awwh, congratulations that is awesome. Enjoy them when they get here. God bless you and your family. 🙂

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Wow, congratulations from the team at MSAA!

- John, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)

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Oh, joy! My numbers 6 & 7 are identical twins boys and we had SO much fun with them over the years. You will love it. Ours sucked each other’s thumbs and needed to sleep together sometimes. They are both married now, live in different cities, but are still best friends! BIG congratulations to all of you! (It’s fun dressing them when they are babies) we even had to paint one toenail different colors, so we remembered who was who for a while.

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Fantastic news. What fun they will be.

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Wow that is the best Christmas present! congratulations. Mary

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Babies are always a blessing and so special this double gift. . Best wishes for a good pregnancy and delivery .

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wow didn't know that either wow ....so great ...blessings for you and your family...big family surprise coming ...congratulations will be coming in May wow ..this is so fun to know this so early ...enjoyment coming ...fun ....

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Wow! They certainly will be busy! This is wonderful! What's the due date?

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Congratulations! 👼

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Congratulations! :)

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I have twin grandchildren boy/girl, first time experiencing twins they are wonderful enjoy

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More to love, Fancy59 ! :-D

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