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As if I don't have enough stress in my life...

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I had been looking for a new neuro closer to where I live because, well, I think my current one is gaming the system. He is 1-1/2 hours from me & requires a monthly visit for controlled prescriptions. When I am due for MRIs he INSISTS I have them done in his office. I am due now. This would require 2 additional trips down there this month. I no longer drive because of my MS. I am at the mercy of others to get rides because Lyft & Uber in this area are totally unreliable & the drivers drive even when they are sick. Nope. Last month I asked him for an order to have the MRIs done locally to me. there are 3 MRI place within 10 mins of me. Nope. He told they don't do them right. What? WHAT?!?!? He used to have a satellite ofc 5 mins from me, but was closed when the pandemic hit. I have been hearing for 8 months they were "thinking" about reopening one around here. He would still REQUIRE me to go to his other office for MRIs. When he told me that the other MRI centers don't do the MRIs right, I guess I made the decision then to find a new doctor. I have found one but can't get in til next month, June 17th.

Now, Wednesday, I went out to check my mail and there is a "notice" taped to my front door. My landlord wants to increase my rent by 44%!!! that is an increase of $275 a month for a place that needs so much work because they refuse to fix anything. I do not get enough from SSDI to pay that kind of increase, I had already been looking for a place and had put in applications to a couple of senior/disabled, subsidized housing places that are secure and guarded but the wait lists are many months if not years long. IDK what I am going to do. I cannot pay the increased rent amount. They want a new lease and will not let me stay without one. I have to be out by the end of June in the midst of all this other chaos.

Sorry for the novel, I just needed to vent...

34 Replies
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Sending you strength, patience, and prayers to help during this time of need. 😇🙏🤞

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wow I am so sorry to hear about both your dilemmas, That doctor sounds like a quack and your right he doesn't sound legit. That rent is ridiculous I can't believe that is allowed. I will pray for you that all will work out best for you. 😱

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wolfmom21fl in reply to LissaH

TY so much. I live in FL so everything is allowed apparently. I am told whatever the market will bear is legal and just. Not for me tho. An increase of this size would leave me with about $100 a month to live on. ugh

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LissaH in reply to wolfmom21fl

Wow it just doesn't seem right. I'm so sorry.😒

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So sorry to hear. How awful on both fronts 😔 I will lift up a prayer for you to find solutions, both with a new doc and a new place to live. In the meantime, I hope you can reach out to friends and family and maybe someone can take you in temporarily.

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wolfmom21fl in reply to hopeandgrace

TY so much

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Oh, Wolfmom, I don't even know what to say. My heart is aching for you right now.

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So much to face at one time. May God give you strength through it all and grant you favor with everyone you encounter in dealing with these issues🙏🏾

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wolfmom21fl in reply to JSSimp

TY for the prayers. Much needed and appreciated

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JSSimp in reply to wolfmom21fl

You’re welcome🙏🏾

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I’m sorry to hear about your situation! My husband rents apartments and he says that rents are increasing by a lot but he only raises rents for new tenants moving in. Also, he does a great job maintaining the apartments if not he would never hear the end of it! I’m sorry your landlord is awful! Your situation seems awful and on top of it you have to deal with MS and switching neurologists! Too much in your plate! I’m switching neurologists due to issues, but don’t have the housing issue! I wish there were a simple answer for you! Your story reminds me a lot of the stories that I’ve heard during the pandemic about people being in bad situations with their housing. Unfortunately, you have to deal with MS on top of it!

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So sorry for what you are going through. You are in my prayers.

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wolfmom21fl in reply to kerry0915

TY for the prayers

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Good luck

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Sorry, you are going through so much. I pray that it all works out for you.

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wolfmom21fl in reply to hairbrain4


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vent away; it's why we're here.🤗

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wolfmom21fl in reply to BlanketTime1

🥰🤗 I tell ya after the past several days looking and talking to people, I am ready to lose my mind.

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keep venting. we are here for you. do you have a social worker/case manager you can talk to?

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wolfmom21fl in reply to Sandydemop

This is FL, unfortunately there are no assigned case workers unless you are using Medicaid for home care. There is nothing to be done. If I owned a mobile home in a park, there are laws protecting the homeowners. But renters of regular apts are left at the mercy and whim of landlords here in FL. I think the reason for this is that many mobile home parks are 55+ age restricted here. They try to protect elderly residents here however, apparently that doesnt extend to those of us elderly who rent. There are no limitations, time periods for notices, or amounts that landlords of brick and mortar dwellings can charge or increase rents. There was a bill introduced in both the State House and Senate this year to get a handle on this and they killed it it in Committee. WHY? Because they are very busy here trying to send bills to Ron DeSantis that will please him and help him get re-elected by signing. Since most of his base here is the 65 and over crowd that are home owners or mobile home owners, there is no priority to push a bill like this thru. UGH. I want to remove myself from this state, but not driving makes it very difficult.

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Sandydemop in reply to wolfmom21fl

If you get your MS treatment at an MS Center there is a social worker there too. keep reaching out. You are not by yourself.

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wolfmom21fl in reply to Sandydemop

My current neuro is only the doc and the ARNP.. I will ask today when I see them if they have any resources they can refer me to. I won't see the new one until 17 Jun

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Sandydemop in reply to wolfmom21fl

excellent. also you can try the MS society

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That's just ridiculous with them raising the rent like that! I'm really sorry to hear that all of this is going on. 🙏 I Pray you find a solution.

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wolfmom21fl in reply to Humbrd


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May God continue to bless you during these trying times. Maybe you could try calling MSAA for advice and legal aid for help extending your stay while you to look. Blessings to you

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wolfmom21fl in reply to CynthiaS

TY so much! I never thought about MSAA in this situation!

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I was just heartbroken reading your post! When I learned that you lived in Florida I thought, oh my goodness, that makes your situation even worse!!!As recommended above, please call the MSAA and ask for a “patient navigator”. We’re always raising tons of money for the MS society and much of that goes to helping people in situations like yours. My support group is always recommending we contact them for any help whatsoever be it rent, legal, transportation, medications, etc.!

I am sending you much comfort and peace as you navigate these challenges!!!

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TY you guys so much. As I said I never thought about MSAA for this situation!

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i live in alabama and i do know this, I also live 70 miles from my neuro, and would like my infusions and tests done locally, but he has told me ,he does not have hospital privledges here,so he will let me have my mri here and they send him my cd, but infusions no,have to go there. also i know in this state, if you refuse to leave and stop paying your rent(save it) you will eventually be called to a hearing to explain to the judge why you have not paid the increase, it would give you time,if he orders you to pay it if you want to stay,offer the old amt and tell them why .watch out, find out the laws in your state...good luck!

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wolfmom21fl in reply to pamgarner

I live in FL. There are no laws to protect the tenant. The landlords can raise the rent to whatever they wish outside of a lease and there is no law to stop them from doing so. I have searched the statutes and there are no protections for this. I am going to call code enforcement on my way out tho, because this place needs to be bulldozed. Mold, termites, water leaks, water comes in from front door, and thru storage areas, into the apartment, i had to go get sand bags to keep it out because the carport floods. now the entire a/c system is full of mold and continues to circulate it thru the apt. I am afraid to even bring my bed and chairs with me when i move

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pamgarner in reply to wolfmom21fl

prayers and best to you

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