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I got it the 2 hour infusion with ocrevus!


I was the first person at the infusion center that had ever ask for it,i read about it 6 weeks ago. I called my dr. yesterday and ask him about it and he has to send orders to the infusioin center to get it.it does take 2 hours instead of 3 or 4.it was wonderful .it was 300 drips per minute instead of 35.you still get steroids first and benedryl:)

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Sounds good but no increased site reaction?

pamgarner in reply to Hidden

not for me,couldn't tell any difference,like I said dr must send prescription first an tell them when you get there.medical science is wonderful:)

Great day! I’m all in if there are no additional reactions. Really I haven’t had any reactions other than the time I didn’t have the “pre meds”. They had left them off of the orders because good ole insurance was willing to spend the $40k but not the $300. Felt like I was going to die for 4 solid days.That one won’t happen again for sure. Keep us up to speed w/how you fare w/the rapid infusion. I’m very interested! Thanks for sharing pamgarner.

Pleased that it went well. 🤗

I have small veins so I would do it

pamgarner in reply to rjoneslaw

i say everyone should try it,but follow dr orders.it was pleasent

yeah baby!

Glad it went well! I'm going to ask for the shorter infusion for my next one in April. I'd like to forego the premeds too but I won't press my luck. If I do well with the shorter time then I will ask for no premeds.

yes i would do 1 at a time,if you had a problem you wouldn't know which one

fantastic ...


i know right!:)


That is a pleasant way to get 2 hours of your life back, pamgarner ! Keep Smiling :-D

Wow great to hear!

I will be asking for the same in the future. I hope my Dr is open to it.

pamgarner in reply to JTZES

my dr said i was a candidate for it ,so i really don't know the guide lines

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